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My fathers favourite line rings into my head so often as I have grown up being constantly told and reminded that "EGO IS THE ROOT CAUSE FOR SORROW". I honestly dint understand the grave meaning involved with the one simple line initially...until the meaning struck me and I learnt its relevance....

Today, As i look back at my own life and the life of others, I could not agree more with you Papa...Ego really is the root cause of sorrow!
A simple to read line, but extremely extremely difficult to apply in your life! I have actually seen my Dad not only Preach his thinking but also Practice it, and it has made life so so simple for not only him but also the people around him...

Dropping of Ego turns out to be a solution to most of our problems and helps us taking problems and issues arriving in life so simply...It helps us in becoming more patient and keen on thinking about the ifs and buts of a problem and not just coming out on a conclusion straight also helps us in understanding the perspective of the other person...

Many real life instances in the past prove that clashing of ego has seen to be one of the most important hurdle between the accomplishment of objectives and most of the heated arguments and quarrels are due to this one three letter word "EGO"!
The war by America on Afghanistan was just a case of an attack on the highly bloated Ego of the US leading to such high death tolls...
The problem between India and Pakistan can also be dealt with upto a large extent if both the nations decide to leave their Egos behind and resort to talks!
I feel, many Jobs can be saved, relationships survived, quarrels overcomed and friendships ever-lasted if we learn to not give in place to Ego and use it appropriately in our lives!

I can vouch from a personal experience that the biggest advantage that comes with dropping of ego is that it leads to an increase in Communication...with others and urself!
One should understand that, Communication is a very important part for the benefit of any relationship and plays a very important role in a personal growth of a person...when one drops that gets open to to arguments and willing to hear things not said in favour of him...etc, all of it simply leading to a better person in the end!
Droppin the ego also makes the person more approachable by others and helps in simplifying life by removing any hesitation others might be having while approaching u!

However, it also becomes extremely important to learn to differentiate between Ego and Self Respect! There is a very thin dividing line between Ego and Self respect and it must be understood and formed carefully. One should let go of the ego as it causes only sorrow but one should never let go of the Self Respect!
Dropping the ego shall lead u to the path of happiness eventually but letting go of your own Self Respect will cause only Misery and let others take undue advantage of u!

I would like to believe that, Life is more about giving than taking...
So go ahead and start with trying to give up that'll make life simple and nice for u and others around surely will!
Its not an easy thing to do but remember it is not impossible as well!!!
Think about it!

Lotsa luv

Published by

Nikita Jain
(CA, CS)
Category Students   Report

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