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1. Prioritize your mental health

We are living in an era where there is mad rush of competition. We are so much focused on this rat race that we forget that our mind is the most important part of our body and it needs healing too. Avoid the things that are not good for your mind, be it people or your life style. Money can be earned but not your mental health.

2. Take a break

There are times when things go bad, worse and then worst. Our life falls flat. We feel suffocated. Whatever decision we take goes wrong. The best thing that you can do during that time is take a break from the mess. If you are working then take a break from job, if you are doing your practice or business then take a break from it. Its better to avoid things then to spoil things by going on and on and making more mistakes. Have some hobby: It can be writing or painting or singing or gardening or some sports, but whatever it is spare some time for it. This will keep you mentally fresh. Spare time for things that you enjoy doing. 

Lessons to be learnt from depression

3. Take help if you feel necessary

Our society has made counselling for mental health a taboo which actually is not. Mind can fall sick too and it needs doctor and medicines to recover. Go for therapy. If you cant afford private psychiatrists or counselors then go to govt hospitals, but take your mental health very seriously. The specialists know very well how to cure you. There is nothing wrong in going for therapy sessions.

4. Take your emotions out

Crying or cribbing is not weakness. Yes, men do cry and men should cry too. Crying is an emotion. It makes you feel light. Don't feel guilty when tears roll out of your eyes. Talk to people, be vocal about your issues. Being strong means you have the power to overcome the situation you are in. It doesn't mean that you cant feel sad or cry. Write about it on a piece of paper.

5. Don't take any hasty decision

When we are depressed or sad then we often take decisions which was mainly based on our emotions as our mind doesnt work properly when we are depressed or in grief. Take your time. Just don't rush to things. Just because you are hurt by your failure don't change your career choices suddenly or just because someone special left you don't enter into another relationship suddenly. Understand that you are not in that stage to take any spontaneous decision.

6. Stop, think of consequences

There is an approach called STOC (stop think of consequences). Use this approach while dealing with situations and people. You don't have to act impulsively. Think about cost benefit analysis before you decide or get angry or irritated on anything or any situation. Follow this approach.

7. Learn to ignore or let go certain things

When we are not in the best state of minds we often indulge in useless arguments or trolling online or with our peers. Not everything or everyone warrants your reaction. Avoid or ignore certain things which you cant change. There is no use of wasting your energy and mental peace on things which can be easily avoided by you. Just let it go. 


8. Be realistic rather than being materialistic

I have often seen materialistic people unhappy. They are always thinking about money or material items forgetting that there is life beyond it too. Life can change or end any moment. Enjoy the little things in life too because you never know when it will end. Money is very important but its not the only important thing in life. Your bank balance doesnt define your happiness. You can be driving a very costly car but still be unhappy while a person riding a bicycle can be happier than you. Happiness cant be bought but its a state of mind.

9. Don't over analyze

Yes, things can go wrong and they will go wrong. Life is a roller coaster ride. You will go through ups and down. Understand the situation that you are in but don't over analyze it. The more you think about it, the more depressed you will feel. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone go through a bad phase. The more your analyze the more you hurt yourself.


10. Don't attach your happiness to people

Most of the times you will end up disappointing yourself if you attach your happiness to anyone. Prioritize yourself. You are also important. Be your own best friend because no one is going to be there for you forever. Let people move out of your lives if they want to. Learn to enjoy alone. Never plead or beg someone to be part of your life. You shouldn't compromise your self-respect and dignity at any cost. Sometimes you are not good for certain people even if how much honest or loyal you are. Its more of their loss than yours. They lost a person who was loyal to them. Let it be. Just focus on yourself.

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