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Lessons from Failure


Introduction:  We everyone in our life some time facing failures, It is an unavoidable in our human life. Sometime after giving sufficient effort also due to some unknown mistakes and lack of experience in the particular work we may face failures. Facing failures are not shame but what you learning from your failure will be the important. In this article myself discussing some important aspects to learn from our failures.

1.       Realizing the mistakes: In every failure is happening due to some mistakes which we are not aware in particular circumstances. Mistake is a human nature, no one can do work without mistake. But analyzing the mistake and learn the correct thing and avoiding the same mistake in next time is the good practice and technique to avoid failures.


2.      Gaining  the experience:  In  any work while doing first time we face some difficulties and every new work will be one new experience, If we got success or failure in any work will be giving  one experience. But accepting that experience in positive approach and learn something from that will be boost your knowledge and gaining much experience to do the same work again, In this positive approach means  In success we can gain the knowledge  of correct method to do the work, In Failure we can  understand the wrong things happened in our method.


3.      Increasing the mental strength: In any circumstances whether success or failure, we should have same set of mind, it means we need to accept our failures also one type of lesson; it will increase our mental strength and confidence.


4.      Improving the perfection: In failure we are realizing our mistake and wrong methods, it will help to avoid the same mistake in next time also improve our work perfection in further works. While doing perfect work the failure will be avoided and success can be achieved


5.      Developing the skills: A correct way to come out from any failure, we need to analyze the reasons for the failure, this analysis improve and develop our analytical skills and give capacity to get the success.


6.      Structuring the Strategy: In any work we should have a correct strategy. While failure we can understand what went wrong in our strategy based on that we can structure our strategy to get the success.


7.      Understanding yourself: In any failure, we can understand clearly about our self, what is our strength, capacity and especially the weakness. If   we knew these things then the failure ran away from our life.


Conclusion: As I said in the introduction, Facing failure not a shame, but learning lesson from that and getting the way of success is basic of the words “Failure is the first step for Success”

So do not feel bad for your failure, take lesson from that and get the success


Good Luck…


CMA. Ramesh Krishnan

Published by

CMA Ramesh Krishnan
(Cost & Management Accountant)
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