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Dear all,

I would like to correlate the World cup matches which are played by India with CA exam that you going to write in May 11. The CA world cup is going to start on 1st May. Here only 2 teams are available to play, one is you and second one is ICAI.

First thing you should have is Burning desire (Strong desire when you wake and sleep)

This world cup is the last world cup for the legend Sachin Tendulkar. Each team mates have a burning desire that to achieve the world cup and it will be a Great honor to the Legend and cricket god. This burning desire had helped a lot to achieve the ultimate goal. Mere desire is not enough, rather a feeling like to get the goal in your sleep and wake.

AS CA students, you should have this kind of desire. Passing your IPCC or Final exam which is going to be held in May 11 will be your ultimate goal. You should have this desire at the time you wake and sleep. Think this will be a great honor to your parents and legend of your life. If you do this kind of things, you will get mental and moral satisfactions as a son or daughter. Those who does not have this, please cultivate this feeling. Rest will be history.

We are the world champions since we had beaten first the previous world champions (Aussies) and second your enemy country (Pakistan). These both matches were really tough as far as India is concerned. But India rose according to the opportunity. Over comes the pressure especially with Pakistan game. I fact, it was tough. But we have to won the cup so played well.

As students, you have to face this type of situation during your student state. Here some subject which will cause some trouble to you. If you think you want to pass, then, first you have to rise according to the opportunity at your disposal. Just like India, you should think that you are going to play a “CA World cup”.

Magical spins and Bouncers and Yorkers in CA exam. Do a good practice

The opposite team is ICAI; there are some question papers which may be a magical spin (Case laws and practical theory questions).This may mislead you and commit wrong answers. Some other questions may be in the form of “Bouncers and Yorkers” .You can’t touch unless a sound and good practice .So, Practice for bouncers and Yorkers.

This bouncers and Yorkers will be seen in your SFM, Cost and FM and Accounts papers. If you have lack of practice, in the first bowl you will be out.

Importance of difficult question cannot be over emphasized. See the below example of Legend.

You may be remembering, in one game against Pakistan our master blaster wickets were picked up by faster bowler Shoaib Akhtar. Beaten by his pace. What he did? He was played in net with the help of “Speed machine”. Then later what happened in the 2003 world cup.

You should have same level of net practice. Your “Speed machine” will be scanners and suggested answers. Do more practice from these areas? You can beat ICAI bouncers and Yorkers.

At exam hall, there may be toughest questions, handle brilliantly

India had lost two key wickets (Sachin and Viru) during the first ten over's. There was a peer pressure among Gambhir and kohli. In this point, there are two options are available, either subject to pressure and throw the rest of the wicket just like a procession or play according to the situation demand, since the opportunity at disposal was Big. They had withstood the pressure, played well and finally we won the match.

There may be such worst situation may arise in your exam. If you see some questions in the exam, you may lose all the hopes. But thing that the opportunity at your disposal is to big and write according to the opportunity which is at your disposal. Start and fight  bravely, the success is yours, that don’t forget.

Approach the exam with positive mind even if some of your subject may be too hard, or difficult. Some questions may be out of syllabus and purely practical oriented. Think that you have to pass the exam for that you have to write the exam well.

 As long as CA exam is there, this kind of unexpected questions will also be there. So, be cool and think how well you can do your exam well. Attack the questions you know well and defense the difficult questions. This will make much difference.

The day you become qualified is similar to yesterday India won the Cup. The audience will be your parents and dears and nears.

Wish you all the best

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