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I have seen many books, notes and other means for how to clear exams, how to clear the groups in first attempt, how to prepare the syllabus in minimum days, how to achieve more and more marks and we all go for these techniques and want to get more and more techniques for how to clear exams by minimum time or study. It is good to think to clear the group and exams but what are we doing in this competition of clearing exams. We are forgetting the main objective of exams. Exam is the criteria to check whether the student has done his study completely or not, whether the student has grabbed the concept of the subject or not, whether the student has become expert in his subject or not. It is the check on us whether we have done our study with accuracy or not.

A classroom /college is like as a Gurukula which in the old time give education to the students so that they can become capable to face the world. That time mostly children of royal families go to Gurukula and learn all types of education including shshtarvidya so that they can be prepared to rule on their kingdoms and save their kingdoms from enemies. They were well prepared when they went from Gurukula as they got education in true manner even there was no money matter. When they went in battlefield they could face the enemy because they had learnt all skills of shshtrvidya. Many students will be thinking that why I am describing about shshtrvidya and battles because they don’t have to join army as they are CA students and they have to learn accounts, audit and law and they are doing well  to clear exams.

But here we are doing mistake as we are trying to prepare ourselves for exams not for the battle/competition which the world will provide us. When we will go to outside world after clearing our exams then we will not be able to face every challenge or competition with the world because we will not be prepared fully. Then we will realize that we had prepared for exams only not for the whole competition.

In exams, the institute/ university put 7 or 8 questions approx. to check our capability because it is impossible to ask for 100% syllabus in exam so the selected questions are there to check our capability and even we have choice of one or two questions mean to say that if we solve just 6 questions then we can get 100% marks and if we do 4 or 5 questions correct then we can achieve 70% marks approximately and we will get tag of intelligent. Many times you heard that if a student gets above than 60% marks then everyone consider him an intelligent student and if a student gets above than 90 % marks then we will say that he is very intelligent but in this cruel world, if you do your 90 % then you are a failure. It demands 100%.

When we will go into a company or will start our own firm then we will have to provide 100% results only then we can survive. All of us know that after clearing CA, if we select job line then we will be at a senior level post where we will have to take decisions for company and if we start our own firm/business then we will have to take decisions by ourselves then there will be no guider or a teacher who will correct our mistakes. Then we will have to make financial reports as balance sheets, cash flow statement, credit monitoring analysis reports, audit reports for government/taxation departments and other reports with 100% accuracy. If we do the work of company/client with 100% accuracy then we can stay in this competition and if we do a single mistake in any report then the result will be that we know nothing, we don’t know the work. There will be no 80 % or no 90%. There is just 100 or 0.

We, students, start preparation for exams and check that which chapter is important and we find  last 10 years question papers and conclude that from which chapter questions are revised and which chapter has more weightage for marks and in this way we prepare ourselves for exams but what about those chapters or questions which are not given in question paper but in real life we have to face with those questions then what will we do, how will we answer at that time. When we go for exams and fails then we say that yaar this was out of syllabus. This was not in institute books and say that this question was not in the book which I read and we justify our failure but after becoming CA we can’t give excuses. Even nobody will listen our excuses. Because CA is just not a tag to put in front of our name it is the stamp of intelligence which institute will put on our name that we know everything for our field and we will do 100%

So, friends, we should prepare ourselves for 100% not for exams only so that we can face the world after becoming CA and we can fight our battle in this area of expertise. Friends in this field expert players will be already there and we will have to find our place so that we can prove ourselves. So try to study all subjects and build your grip on subjects and be expert and not to study for just exams.

Exams are important but learning is more important than exams.


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