“Why someone achieve great success and many others don’t get success at same time?” This question always makes me deep think and find the reasons. However, it is not a big secret. Achievers are not different people from others but with different qualities. Anyone can adopt their qualities. Successful person teach what to do, unsuccessful person teach what not to do.

1. The biggest quality, which is common among achievers, is consistency of purpose. Yes, continuous effort towards a goal is the key to achieve success. Frequent change of goals will lead them nowhere. After getting breakdown, one should not stop trying but he should improve his technique for future.

2. Second important thing is correct decision making. Courage is required while making decision “No risk, No gain”. Will he succeed or fail; it depends on that whether his decision is supported by his nature? One or more failures will not shake his confidence in the choice made by him.

3. The third is mapping (planning). Life is uncertain but one thing is certain about it that it is limited. So one have to fully utilize it. For this purpose, one must prepare a list of all his dreams and desired achievements. There is definite need of long term strategy with short term plans.

4. The forth important point is timely preparation and action. A man can conquer the mountain, sea or the world but not without preparation and proper action. Remember “Life never ends with one success or one failure” so If you get success, celebrate it and If you don’t get it, analysis and improve.

5. The fifth important point is trust. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. If one don’t believe in his goal, the chances of get succeed are fewer. When great actor Amitabh Bachchan chose to act in films, he got many failures in start. But he didn’t change his decision and lately he achieved big success. Trust but verify.

I believe that whatever is the aim of life, it should be higher than one’s potential. Because if one achieve his goal, then there is no reason left for growth. In real, no one knows his capacities until someone tells him, motivates him and shows confidence in him.

To achieve desired goals and growth, one has to show something special and extra from others. We have some and may not have other desired abilities and skills like confidence, patience positivity, pioneering, communication skills, leadership, Good behavior etc. Here is a short list of areas, one can improve easily.

a. Decision making - Lack of correct information is a biggest reason for making wrong decisions. So get maximum information available from different sources while making a decision. But these sources should be reliable otherwise they will increase confusion and lead faraway from success. Sometimes we make decision which seems right at the moment. But after some time, it seems us wrong. It doesn’t mean that we should not go ahead and try again. We have to do that again but in an improved and broad manner. Those who fail are better than those who didn’t attempt. Your will not reach at any solution until you analyze the reason of the problem. If one vehicle gets damage, change the vehicle but don’t change the destination.

b. Specialty - Mere learning something will not work in favor of you. You have to achieve extreme competency in your field. Everyone may have basic understanding of many areas, so in order to get huge success you have to provide expert level knowledge in your area.

c. Unbiased Analysis- Knowing your greater qualities is helpful to win. Each person has a bundle of some great qualities, which may be known or unknown to him. He has to figure out these qualities as well as his weaknesses. There is not any one sided coin, same rule applies on a person. Every person has strength and weaknesses. He has to develop his strength and diminish his weaknesses.

d. Making and use links - Everybody has their own circles like friends, relatives, club, society, group of people etc. Tell them about your goal, you will get the help to improve your deficit. Make new contacts if needed but be careful while choosing them because you don’t know who is in real supportive.

e. Make your basics solid - Base is necessary to create a structure. This is the asset which will help you to grow in future. So make your base as solid as possible. Learning basics is must in order to get success in any area. Strong base means clear concepts here in your field.

f. Be responsible and choose your way with dedication - Normally we abandon taking responsibilities of great importance. Willingness to take responsibilities is important in order to achieve success. But these responsibilities should not distract you from your aim. Every person gets many chances in his life. Wait for the proper chance, until then prepare yourself for the opportunity. We should never blame to God, destiny or others for getting fail, because only we are responsible for acting. God never decides luck for a person. He has given this right to us.

g. React naturally at good or bad time- Don’t over react in any situation. Good and bad time will come and go in life. Others are important in your life but you are the most important. Give happy moments to yourself time to time e.g. go for a visit to an interesting place with someone or alone, eat out, watch movies etc. Enjoyment is an equal part of life.  Maintain balance between work and enjoy. Never criticize anybody including you; it will only spoil your image.

Essence:-Stay focused on your Goal. Find the reason you are working for like. The reason will help you to stay focused. Family, Fame, Enjoyment, knowledge update, Growth, Philanthropy etc. are some important reasons to work. Choose your reason and when you feel that something is difficult for you and feel low, consider that reason. The power; which is needed to perform well in any effort is called spirit i.e. strength of mind. Real power is not inside the body, it is inside the mind. That’s why the world is not ruled by Muscular. Our Character and habits are responsible for what we achieve. Choosing right habits and building an ethical character are necessary to live life with happiness. Tough time makes a man strong which is an essential quality of successful person. Surely success demands its price. Those who don’t dare to pay the price, get defeated. Don’t waste even a second if you are going after a Goal. Many goals at a time spoil the strength to achieve them .Value your work, and work will provide value to you. Promise yourself that I will fulfill this goal with all my energy and efforts. Winners never wait for chance; they just take decision and initiate. If someone concentrates on his goal, he will not be able to mind anything else and vice versa.

Best wishes to all student community for their bright future

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