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One thought that keeps ringing in a students mind is to complete CA /CS/CWA as quickly as possible and land up in a lucrative job. Finishing the courses on time is indeed an inspiring goal and it would be wonderful if the goal is accomplished too!

But is that all?

Being a student of such wonderful courses is itself a great period in ones life. Enjoy every moment of it. That is equally important. Once you relish this tenure, youll cherish the enhancement this period brought in you all your life.

There are enough inspiration articles for you and detailed guidelines from very successful professionals on how to crack the exam in one shot and with good marks.

Playing safe is a good idea but what about trying some thing new, the way your heart longs to explore a subject? Did you try diving deep into a subject, learning it from the very roots? Do you know the basics, fundamentals? Did you ever question yourself on those lines?

This is one problem every student faces. The coaching classes may be excellent. But when you study, somewhere you find a link is missing. You have the garland with you, but some connecting pearls are not there. And you find it difficult to find answers for those simple doubts. Another issue that stops you is your apprehension.

I should have learnt it in my Class 10 or Plus 2. It would be weird to ask such simple doubts now this analysis overweighs your inner urge to seek clarification. Please dont succumb to that. This is a golden period to learn, understand, assimilate and explore. Please re affirm, you have every right to seek clarification for all your doubts petty or big.

Usually many students have this habit of studying at the last hour for the exams. The smart ones may clear the exam too and hence continue with this habit. But this is one dangerous habit. You end up passing with insufficient knowledge needed to face the real world!

Start early. Prepare every day. Say, your teacher at the coaching center taught you International Finance today. First revise what your teacher taught you in the class. Then finish your study material. After that, look for relevant news about this topic on the Internet. All I am trying to say is connect to the real world when you study itself! That enhances your perceptive and interest even more.

Grab a daily financial newspaper. Business line makes a great study since it also explains the basic meaning before moving ahead with the current story. Search for news on International Finance. Read it and discuss with friends.

Believe me, you wont forget the heart of International finance all your life. And any value addition needed in later years happens easier.

You guys might be wondering what is new in this article. This is some thing all of us know, whats the big deal!

All of you sure know, but how many of you are practicing it?

Going deeper in to subjects you have to study will help you evolve as better human beings too! Youll fall in love with your deeper self, which you will realize as your best friend in your years ahead.

And for those bookworms, make sure you visit the beach, enjoy a movie with your friends, relish good food and  have lot of fun too.

To attain greater heights, a healthy body and a peaceful mind are as important as passing the exams. Hence, whatever exercises your body enjoys, make it a daily habit. It may be burning calories at the gym for some, a jog or walk, yoga for others. Ask your body, it will surely open up and tell you provided you are honest in your endeavour.

One sure way of a peaceful mind is, disciplined study, learning a subject till you are deeply satisfied without letting what your friends say dominate.

And usually students who stay away from home have bad eating habits. They just grab what is available with in their tight budgets. Eat healthy food now to avoid the bad effects at a later stage in your life. Fresh fruits, milk, good water whatever you can afford, make sure the healthy foods are also included in them.

All the best for your exams and wishing you all a wonderful life now and ahead.

Mobile: 9949902790.

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CA SivaPriya V L Tenneti
(CA in practice)
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