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To begin with, I would like to share an incident of a CA final student who has just appeared for his CA final exams. So just like others to he had put on all his efforts and left no stone unturned and he was very much confident that his determined hard work will get paid off soon. On his first day of exams, which is Financial reporting when the question paper came into his hand, he went completely clueless, panic and was worried for the whole 3 hours wondering how to crack such a lengthy paper and Thus, was not able to perform well and present the paper properly.

Learn the Art of writing in exams

Where did he go wrong in spite of studying so Hard? And why he was not able to crack the paper?

The issue comes here is that he had just studied conceptually knowing all the things but missing the very important part is the writing practice and giving the test series. "Practise makes a man perfect" and even the cricketers have the test matches before the World Cup so that they can give their best shot in the final game, the same goes for our professional exams too.

How to avoid such a situation in exams?

Writing Practice:

For Practical subjects, if it is your first reading of the subject then you have to completely write and solve at least the important questions once properly from start to end from keeping a view in the mind that how you will present the answer if the similar question is asked in the exams.

And when you write and solve it instead of just looking into the answers it will help you to retain the concept for a longer time.
And if you follow this in a disciplined way then Yes! Here you go!!

You're almost 50% prepared for your final shot.

Mock Tests and Test Series:

Never have a thought in mind or skip the plan to give the mock tests even you have the time constraints. Yes, you might be confident about the concept that's great but ever wondered,how would you present the concept if the question is asked in the exams for 4 - 8 marks what should be the content required and what would be the key points for that.

Mostly while preparing for exams there comes a time constraint and many students tend to leave the thought for attempting the Mock papers as they have made up their mind let's focus on concepts and let's see that presentation stuff in exams.

But this will not work at all, if there are no hands-on practice then those 3 hours you will not able to present your answer even though knowing the concept well versed and knowingly you will present the answer in the wrong way. Many things come together in those 3 hours and also one might be nervous also as this is one of the most important exams in our life and every mark counts.

Rescue Plan:

Merely appearing Mock test papers will not help, you have to look for detailed evaluation for the same and understand where you went wrong As ICAI is and always will be unpredictable at least look for those test series which have at least a match of the difficulty level of ICAI, then only appearing for Mock Papers will help.


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