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Life can be tough at times, rather very tough. You will fail; you will fall flat on your face. There will be situations where things disintegrated without your fault. Yes, it will happen.

But there will always be things which you can control. There is always a scope of improvement, something will always be in your hand. You can always grow or improve over yesterday. 

Yes, you can fail but remaining a failure by quitting or working hard to over come your failure is in your hands.  You can curse that situations were not in your hands, but now is the time to improve the things. What happened has happened, its your past now, but what you are doing at present to improve your situation is your present. Soon this present time which is your opportunity to improve will also become past and you would be cursing for it. So, its better to take control of the things now rather than cursing them later.

Let me give you an example. I was not willing to enter the karate fight. I told my coach that i am just not feeling comfortable about my body even though I had won the first fight comfortably. He somehow forced me to fight and I broke my feet during that fight. I was soon rushed to the hospital where I was advised a surgery and was told to get admitted immediately. I was just dumb struck. More than pain, it was the mental agony. Some people said it will take atleast 6 months to be on my feet while some said I wont be able to live normal life again. Next few days all kinds of injections were given to me. Around 70 injections in 8 days to be precise along with the surgery. I was cursing everyone and everything especially my coach. My work suffered; that hospital smell, those four walls, that bed, that unbearable pain and the agony of thinking about my future. My only dream was to walk again. Suddenly I diverted my mind to things which I could control that day. Cursing my coach or cursing that moment was not of any help to me. It was my dedication to get back on my feet again that helped me leave the bed in less than 3 months. Yesterday doctor said my recovery has been miraculous. It will still take some time to walk normally, but atleast I am on my feet right now. The happiness to get back to my feet was no less than that I felt when I became a Chartered Accountant.

Its not about what life gives you; its not about what others do to you. Its about how to respond to the setback that matters. You can only control whats in your hand and if you focus all your energy on that part then other things will fall in place automatically. Its not about challenges you face, its your attitude towards those challenges that matter.

When you fail in an exam, only thing you can control at that part of time is your recovery i.e preparing again in a better and more passionate way.

Just forget about your past. Everyone makes mistakes, but only those succeed who learn from those mistakes and improve over them.

All the best!


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