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The Super Tonic Tips For Making "Law" In Your Hand & On Your Fingers

Hello Friends,

Hearty Congrats to all for the magnificent World Cup Win...finally Dhoni made it to the Cup...hmm We are Champions now!


But I have reported over the years that most of our champions(i.e. CA Students) fall prey to the study of LAW subject...which is of course because of its Vast, Theoretical & above all Boring nature; inherited in it..


But now no need to get panic about it at all! I have invented the formula to get out of this tragedy..


Here are the Super Tonic Tips which of course contain the Supertonic chemical in them! Read On..


1.  First of all keep in mind that LAW IS A SELF STUDY SUBJECT "you have not to join any tuition/coaching at all"...90% Students waste their precious Time & Money by mindlessly joining the coaching’s ...Change this phenomenon It's time to fall in the 10% Students category...Believe me friends "there is no single provision in any act of our Law syllabus that cannot be understood on our own"....This is because You do have to give a lot of time to Law irrespective of your joining coaching(because of its theoretical nature)... .and friends at the end you will observe that Your concepts would be more clear & strong than those who joined the class...IT'S A FACT AND NOT AN OPINION...and FACTS are self evident!


2. Refer only one reference book strictly(apart from your study module) 'for studying the concepts' to avoid conflict in provisions...But you can refer multiple books for Practical Problems(but only one for concepts),


I think Munish Bhandari is best for it!


and in the event of conflict; the words in Study Module(ICAI/ICSI) must be the final words!


3. Make sure when U go for the study, a Pen, Pencil and notebook is with you...Pencil to underline and marking(Please don’t use Highlighters)....Here I'm not suggesting you to make notes...but "there is a substantial improve in your concentration; when you note down accordingly in brief what you read or just keeping a pen always in your hand while reading..."


 4. The prime time to law study is 6:00am to 11:30am and 6:00pm to 9:30pm..(in between these timings; our mind is in a state of Extreme Concentration and Freshness to take anything in it for long).


5.While answering a question in exam; "Not mentioning the Section(s) to which the problem relates doesn't cut any marks if your overall analysis and decision on the given problem is correct...But giving Section(s) can fetch good marks in a case 'when your analysis is correct and decision is wrong'...


6.Friends, please prefer memorising the Sections in a order/sequence to scattered form...always remember "It's not the data but the sequence which lives in our memory for long..."



7. Never give more than two hours at a stretch, here is some time investment analysis:-


1 hour- Encouraging

1,1/2 hrs- Very Productive

2 hrs- Higher Marks Fetching

More than 2- Unproductive & Destructive!!

In case You are left with much time in a day, You can study Law twice a day(of course at different timings)..In my opinion AT LEAST 1,1/2 hours should be given...


and finally..


8. Please don’t let the overconfidence wander around you..Yes friends there can be a situation when you have revised 2 or more times, and u got overconfident..Nothing can be worse situation than this....Please remember the Law to Study Law is "REVISING MORE AND MORE" to not let the provisions go out of your mind...Go ahead for the next revision, even if you have already had it 100 times..!!


Enough Reading...


I think You would have get bored reading this all.......but one thing is for sure If  You Can Assure Yourself of These Tips and Methodology, ICAI Can Assure You with atleast 65 Marks...not at all any exaggeration here...


Let us end up with this crack!


One day a son asked his father: Shadi karne mai kitna kharch aata hai..?


Father: No Idea!! "I am still paying for it" 

Published by

Vaibhav Jandey
(Life iz Hard; I'm Harder)
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