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"Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, Knowledge without Integrity is dangerous and dreadful." - Samuel Johnson

This quote made Samuel Johnson is as relevant and important today as must have been when he made such statement. 

Integrity and Knowledge, these are the two human traits but the important question is whether these both the traits are present in one human being or not. These two, if found together can help one achieve a meaningful success in one's life and can also be proved to be the cause of great contributions to society. However, absence of any one of the two will either prove to be worthless or infact damage the society at large.

In today's scenario, where the time is of technology and innovation, it is comparatively easier to get technical knowledge than to acquire the virtue of integrity. In the modern context, nuclear technology or Cyber and digital technology, these are most relevant examples which if used without the sense of responsibility and integrity, can result in dreadful and dangerous consequences. Today, where many of the security operations are operated through digital mode, most sensitive and confidential information is passed on digital mode of communication and where crores of rupees are transacted over online channel, where dams are operated through technology, if these are handled without the sense of integrity and care for humanity, then the same knowledge can be proved to be disastrous. Increasing cyber crimes and digital frauds are a result of using the knowledge without due integrity.

On the other hand, integrity alone is not sufficient for the development and smooth functioning of society and for the development of individual's life also. In modern scenario also, we can see very clearly that in those areas, where there is a high rate of illiteracy or where the awareness and knowledge have not reached, there the people through honest and having high degree of integrity suffer from the exploitation by those who have some amount of knowledge. Their integrity and honesty without knowledge pay them the penalty of grievances, it does not provide even that amount of strength to deal with the modern world challenges.

Therefore, the perfect combination of both the knowledge and integrity is essential for the good and fruitful results to come out. Integrity in one's character help provide direction to the use of knowledge and knowledge, in turn, provides the amount of strength to deal with the challenges and solve the practical problems. Thus the quality of brain-expressed through knowledge and quality of inner self-expressed through integrity together help provide meaningful contributions, otherwise, it will fetch deadly consequences or will prove to be weak.

This holds true for all walks of life and every profession. Therefore, we must take an oath to use the knowledge with integrity to lead a satisfied life. 


Published by

Shivam Gupta
(Job as JAO ( Deputy Manager - Accounts) in BSNL)
Category Career   Report

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