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Everyone including me believes ISCA is tough and not so scoring subject. You can still think that way, but me – no more. After scoring exemption in ISCA, at least I can share my experience instead of forcing you to do the same.

So here it goes. ISCA has 8 chapters, each carrying varied proportions of text but carrying almost similar marks per chapter. So this analogy is the starting point of it all. If you understand this, no one can stop you from scoring exemption.

Next decide 4 chapters (50% of the course) which are easy as per your convenience as the choice will depend on person to person and write them in a list. Then decide for another 2 chapters, which are a little tough as compared to first 4 chapters. Write these on 5th and 6th position. Remaining chapters are the ones you focus the least on.

Once the list is prepared, comes next step. Now let us decide what to study and from where. Pick up practice manual and revere it as a holy book. This should be the base of your studies. Along with PM, pick up a reference book (I picked Manish Valecha book, Thank you sir wherever you are).

Next pick up a small chapter and read from practice manual. And mark these PM questions in MV book and cut them, however use the mnemonics in MV Sir’s book or make your own. Now there may be remaining topics in MV, mark them and do all of them from reference book. Use this strategy for all 4 chapters.

For the next 2 chapters use PM, and remaining topics whichever you find easy and leave the rest (however I would suggest doing all if possible).

For the last 2 chapters I would recommend leaving 1 chapter completely, the reason of which is given in the following text. And the remaining 1 chapter should be done from PM only.

Here is the explanation for all this.

1. You will not be able to revise all chapters on last day. So take the risk.

2. When you have done first 4 chapters thoroughly, you can easily attempt 50-55 marks paper with ease.

3. Next 2 chapters will take the attempt to almost 70-75 and last chapter will take to 80-85 marks. And scoring 60 out of 80 which has been studied well is better than scoring 60 out 100 not well studied (assuming all chapters are worth 13 marks or more.).

4. Left out chapter may carry 16 marks weightage, but due to options in exam can be ignored easily. Here you will be able to attempt less than 100 marks, but whatever you attempt, you will be confident enough.

ISCA needs mugging up, no one teach you to mug up. Learn ISCA on tips by learning at least 5 times (it’s easy).

Now for the most important point. Why should you use PM? It’s way too simple. I used to understand by using google and go deep into understanding the course and write my answers, my language, my point of view (26 marks) which could have been understood by a lay man. But the Institute does not want that, they want their answers, their language, their point of view (62 marks) which can help them to check answers easily with the suggested/key and in turn also see how can a future member mugs up things besides being analytical in practical subjects.

And for all the ISCA haters, ISCA is a great learning subject if studied with interest.

Also Institute doesnt want you to be a bookworm, they want you to apply your brains for sorting such a vast course.

All the best for your exemption.

P.S:- I am a CA now, due to ISCA.

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