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We come in this world alone and will go from here alone. Between this taking birth and dying theres something called life. Sorrows, happiness, success, failures all are part of it. Everyone gets his or her share of it. Even a person living a miserable life manages to smile and even a person having a perfect life gets sad too.

When approached with adversities or failures, the first thing is to accept it and take charge. Its your life, your friends, even your Parents won't study for you and take exam. They can only support you, but its you who has to take charge and change your destiny. 

Imagine a soldier fighting with the enemies. First thing he has to do to is to act. Its the only way of his survival and survival of others whom he is defending. He cant let enemies fire bullets thinking that others will save him. He has the gun in his hand and he has to fight for his survival and survival of others whom he is defending. He can only do it by killing his enemies.

Now imagine yourself as a soldier, you have that ability as a gun; the failures are your enemy. You can save your honour by fighting failures with your ability.

You may have trouble in office with one person playing office politics. It happens everywhere. So whats your life of defence? You act..right? 

SImilarly when failure comes, you cant just sit back and allow it to take you in depression. You just have to accept the failure and act. Its your fight; only you have to fight. Take charge of your life. Just act and finish this off completely. 

Dont waste your time in depression and sadness. You will feel sad due to failures, thats a fact but you have to overcome it and its only you who can do it. People around you can motivate you but eventually it will be down to you that how you take it in your stride and move towards your ultimate goal.

You are not born to live as a failure or like a destitute. So just accept this challenge and fight it out.

 Just finish this off completely....


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