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Issue of TDS Certificate

Muralidharan , Last updated: 14 May 2011  

We are all aware that those who deduct TDS has to issue TDS Certificates (Form 16A) for every quarter. This is applicable from the financial year 2010-11 onwards (Assessment Year 2011-12). This has put an additional burden on the accounts department persons of every company.

Don't worry, NSDL has now come with an excellent solution. We can now generate TDS Certificates (at present Form 16A can be generated) from NSDL website itself. I am providing here the details for getting the TDS Certificates. Step by Step details are given below:

(1) The deductor has to register their TAN with nsdl website. Click on the "Online TAN Registration" available in the home page of www.tin-nsdl.com and follow the due procedures mentioned therein.

(2) Upon registration the deductor would be allotted an Reference  Number. Note down this number.

(3) The deductor will also receive an email from NSDL informing the Reference Number, User Name, Password...etc

(4) After confirmation of registration formalities, go to www.tin-nsdl.com website, and Login to TAN Account

(5) Provide the User Name, Password and TAN Number

(6) Provide the details as asked for by the website for every quarter. You will receive by email a text file from nsdl.

(7) Now the said text file needs to be converted into a pdf file / TDS certificate (Form 16A). Requisite conversion software provided in the website itself.

(8) Once converted your TDS certificates will be saved in your computer automatically at the defined path.

(9) Take print out of the certificates and check the same for 100% accuracy

(10) If found in order, affix seal and signature and issue the certificate to the deductees

NSDL is yet to announce such facility for Salary TDS Certificate. For the time they have made available such facility only for Form 16A (non salary cases)

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