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Recently, I thought of this question. Is there any space for an introvert in this world? How a fast changing world can occupy introverts? We can see a hell lot of such persons. Just look around, there will be some faces, in your class rooms, work places, neighbours or even in your home. They normally speak less and hence, much attention will not be given to such persons.

What about work places? “Active” and “Smart” workers are needed everywhere. Since introverts speak less and reserved, they are unable to grab attention. In highly demanding corporate world, where will be the position of introverts? There will be competition with charming / talkative colleagues. Without shining in meetings or discussions who cares for you? But in such situations, when introverts try to behave like extraverts, it will become a sort of imitating. The climax will be a failure!!!

What are the advantages of being an introvert? You may be wondered by this question!! Is there any advantage of being an introvert? Answer is “YES” They are normally calm and quiet people. Normally introverts write better than they speak. Since they speak less, they are good listeners. They may found out time for long thoughts. They often like to sit alone. They will enjoy solitude!!! It will bring more peace, meaningful thoughts and thereby good outputs. They care for meetings and discussions at work place. They will think a lot before delivering a word. They cannot stand out and speak like anything like extraverts. Knowing this, they will come prepared and will add meaningful comments. Only hurdle is to develop the courage to speak up when the right time comes up. Calmness at work place allows them to handle work pressures. Thus, if they can make use of these advantages, introverts can make a difference at work place in their own way.

Yes, in fact, sometimes introverts rule the work places!!! Let me tell you some names of famous introverts. Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, JK Rowling etc. Yes they were introverts. Just remember what they did. So, if you are an introvert, don’t get confused or tensed at work place. Stay in your character and do the best in your way.


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