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When we join CA, it’s in our mind that there are only 3 exams in our life CPT, Inter and Final. We are very true, when we think our whole life is restricted to CA Students life. All believes that once we complete CA after passing these 3 exam the whole world will be belong to us like “Karlo Duniya Muthi Mein”! Both professionally and personally the CA degree helps a lot to have a respectful life in the society. It’s like a passport to Success!

Most of us after joining CA, we postpone all our enjoyment program post positive exam results. To get CA degree some people take 4-5 years and some people take a little long. All people take their own time. All we are in our individual and different time zone. It’s not how much time we take to achieve that, its whether we achieved it or not. The most important part is the active participation, involvement and enjoyment in the journey to achieve the destination. The mind has its own reason to avoid the enjoyment and to get CA degree while the heart has its own reason to enjoy the life.

Now or Never?

If school children think that they can enjoy the life after passing the school board exam, if 12th standard students think that they can enjoy the life after passing the 12th board exam, If the graduation students think that they can enjoy once they get Degree Certificate. All these questions lead to postponement of our happiness. Why do we postpone our happiness and enjoyment to a predefined destination? Who knows that this will be our last destination. Why happiness and enjoyment depends upon some goal or destination? Don’t we have enough to enjoy this journey? Focus on the journey, not on the destination.

Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.

It’s Now or Never!

Failure is part of Success!

Most of the people in our CA community must have had an exam which did not go as great as we had expected. In other words, we all must have had faced the failure in exam in life. The winner never quits. We need to learn from the mistake and failure from our and others life. Use the lessons learned to get the success. For Successful people failure is temporary.

Failure is the stepping stone to Success.

No Stress Please!

It’s very natural to feel under pressure during exam and post results if any of the student didn’t clear. Some people feel stressed. Feeling under pressure and feeling stressed two different things. Feeling under pressure should not leads to stress. Everyone feel stress sometimes due to some avoidable and unavoidable situation. Balancing is the most important things in life. If someone is getting stress constantly then he needs to be taken care with emotionally and mentally.

God will never give you anything you can’t handle. So don’t stress please.

Social Media!

Social media plays a great role to add fuel to our thought. In this high tech world with full of social media, there are endless opportunities to talk about our exam, it’s very difficult to stop thinking about the results and what happened for those who does not clear the exam. 

Exam and our Ability!

Are we all still obsess over the exam result. If we think so much it’s like we allow one bad exam to ruin the whole bunch of happiness and to exploit ourselves.  We can’t change anything from our previous exam. So does it make any sense to worry about the same. Can we let it go? Can failure in just one exam decide our ability. Was it our final exam in our life? Hope it’s not our final exam. So don’t allow that exam result to ruin any moment of our beautiful lives.

“A single exam can’t decide our future!”

Let it Go!

Sometimes we do well in exam but bad result comes, in those cases we should accept the situation and to move ahead to do better in next exam. The better preparation will give better result. We need to accept the things which are unavoidable. Like Normal loss and abnormal loss treatment.  Instead of wasting time and energy on those unavoidable situations take control of thoughts and emotions. Let it go is the best method to have the control.

Never ruin a good day by thinking about a bad day yesterday!

Bigger Goal!

We have some bigger goal. One thing we should keep in mind not to Quit because of the temporary failure to achieve the goal. Bad result comes to everyone at some point of time. However, we should learn from the mistakes we made in the last exam and analyze it and make sure not to repeat the same mistake again and again.

You have to think anyway, so why not think big? If you think big, it’s going to be big.

Life-Full of exam!

The life is full of exam. Those people who cleared CA final exam, was it the last exam for them. The answer is no. The real exam starts after passing the CA. The expectation from their family, partner, society will increase day by day as we have hold the highly recognized CA degree. We need to keep update ourselves with all the latest changes in the area of Accounts, Audit, Law, Taxation, etc. As the whole world believes and expects that once a person has CA degree he must be knowing everything like a knowledge hub. To maintain that dignity and to fulfill that expectation we must work really hard at each moment like every moment is the exam where there is no notification, no form fills up, nothing! Every day is an exam in the reality.

While for academic and professional exam; we get notification, do form fill up, do preparation, revision, mock test, writing exam, getting result; in real life each moment we face is exam and now or then we will get the result. So we need to be ready for them.

Life is full of challenges and surprises.

Enjoy the Journey!

The most important question we need to ask ourselves; whether we enjoy our journey! If we don’t enjoy the journey, then who knows we can enjoy once we reach the destination. Who knows the destination will bring all happiness without any further efforts? So its most important to enjoy the journey as well as the destination. We have this beautiful life where everything we can get at a click of a button. The life is full of opportunities to explore ourselves.

Sometimes it is the Journey that teaches a lot about destination.

Be grateful for the abundance of the blessings that we have for the journey that we are on and to relish each moment as a gift!

Have a Happy and wonderful Journey!


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