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Yes yes…Over a period of time I have observed that CAclubindia is a great platform across all the similar portals. I would like to thank CAclubindia for giving such wonderful and professional site to the student and professional community.:)


One of the most important features of this site is that it is free for knowledge sharing and anybody can join this site to take help and to give help. Needless to say CCI is providing great service to the student community as lots of students have been benefitted through CCI. Lots of good notes, articles and discussions are available here for student as well as for professionals.:D


Looks and presentation of CCI can easily beat any international site and home page of CCI is full of quick links about almost everything. I’m a new member here and have been received exceptionally well by the CCI’ites.  


According to me some of the reasons behind great success of CAclubindia are as follows:


1. CAclubindia have played an important role to keep us updated with latest circular, notifications, clarifications and articles and for professionals it is really important to be updated with latest news.


2. It is purely a professional platform having national and international presence. We all know that networking is really important for professionals. Hence wide presence of CAclubindia is paving the way for true professional networking.


3. Members and Admin of CAclubindia always encourage new members to share and gain knowledge through posts and articles because CCI believes in “Knowledge is Power”. By sharing his/her thoughts freely one can really explore his/her potential and can do wonders.


4. Regular involvement of Admin is also quite appreciable for making CCI a great platform. Management here believes in constant changes and updating of content, style and look of the website to make it more attractive and useful.


5. Admin had taken effective steps to maintain professionalism within the website all across the web world. One of the steps taken by CCI Admin is introduction of Forum Rules and starting of Report abuse facility.  


6. Today the member’s list is almost touching the figure of 6.5 Lacs members and still counting. To handle this kind of huge members list is wonderful and Admin have done remarkable job in this regard.


7. CAclubindia have shown its strength to hold old as well as new members with the portal/group by maintaining quality. Old members are real strength of any kind of organization. Hence it is really essential to retain them and CCI have done well in this regard.


8. Continuing its initiative to make CCI a valuable platform CCI has introduced new things like online coaching, Pro account and many other things. Through the help of Pro Account you can interact with professionals in real way and discuss your query with them.


9. CAclubindia have also done well by inspiring new member to contribute in a healthy way by giving monthly awards. Each month one top tanked member is awarded books and every time the name of any member appeared in top members list he/she will be awarded CAclubindia special mug.


10. Admin is nice too and never hesitate to invite objections from members regarding unprofessional activities on the site. Moderators have been appointed by the Admin to manage the content of forum and handle the grievances of members for any unprofessional post.


So according to me CCI is doing a great job and I know I have left lots of other good things about CCI in this write up. Now it is time for you all to share your opinion about CAclubindia.


Thanks and Regards


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