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IPO faq

HARANATH , 03 February 2008  

. How to place an order?
Go to Open IPO where you will get the listing of all Fixed Price and Book Building IPO available and open for application. Select any open issue and you will be directed to the application page. Fill necessary details and ensure that clear balance is available for the total amount of application money. Else your order will not be processed due to insufficient funds.

2. What is Retail and Non-Institutional Investor?
Retails investor category application can apply for shares valued upto Rs. 50000. If in case your investment exceeds Rs. 50000 you will need to apply as Non-Institutional.

3. Can I make multiple applications?
No. For each IPO (Fixed and Book Building) you can submit only one application. In case of Book Building IPO's you can either submit your bid at "Cut-off" price or put maximum of 3 bids. Only retails investors can opt for bid at "Cut-off" price.


4. What is the amount of money that I have to transfer if I make 3 bids in a Book Building IPO?
You will need to transfer the maximum value out of the three bids.


5. Can I cancel any order?
Yes you can cancel your order till the IPO is open on the website. Once the IPO is closed your order is processed and you cannot cancel your order.


6. Can I modify my order?
Yes, order placed and pending for Book Building IPO will be available for modification till the cut-off date and time. You can revise your application only once. In case if your revised bid amount is less than the original bid, excess money will be refunded by the company and if the revised bid amount is exceeding the original bid, excess money has to be available in your IPO account for your modification to be processed.

In case of Fixed price IPO, you can modify or cancel your order till the end of the day only.


7. How can I transfer fund?
You need to have a bank account with either of our payment gateway partners i.e Citibank, HDFC Bank, UTI Bank, ICICI Bank, Union Bank of India, Yes Bank, Bank of India and IDBI Bank. Using our payment gateway facility you can transfer funds from either of these banks to your IPO pool account.


8. Can I withdraw my excess funds?
Yes, you have to submit a online withdrawal request within the range of funds available in your IPO pool account which will be honoured in 2 working days.

9. Can I transfer funds from my trading account to IPO account?
Yes. You can transfer the funds from Trading to IPO and vise versa using the "Allocate Funds" option on "Accounts" link.

10. Do I need to pay any service fees for availing IPO Online Application system?
No. Currently, you need not pay any service fees. If any, in future, the same will be communicated.


11. Can I see my past orders/application placed?
Yes. You can see the archive of your past application under "IPO Order Book".

12. How will I be intimated about my application status?
Book Building Issues: You will receive your application status intimation on your email stating the order status -- accepted / rejected. If accepted, application form number filled and exchange order number will be emailed to you. If rejected, reason for rejection will be informed.

Fixed Price IPO: You will receive your application form number filled on your email.

You can also check the application number for Fixed and Book building Issues in the IPO order book by selecting the option "Details" once the order is executed.


13. Who is eligible to apply for IPO's on
All trading customers who are Resident Indians and HUFs can only apply for IPO's on

14. Will I have to give my details every time I apply for IPO?
No. You have to just choose the valid no of shares and price (for book-building) as which you wish to invest. Your contact and DP details are available with us. We will use this information while applying on your behalf.

15. What if I have more than one holder in my DP account?
Your application will be done in the same holding pattern as in your DP account.

16. Will I have to give my PAN / GIR Number and I.T., Circle Ward and District?
If your application value is above Rs. 50000 you will need to submit your PAN / GIR Number and I.T Circle.

17. How will you handle my request for IPO application?
Once you submit your request, Sharekhan will process your request by filling up the application form, signing the form and drawing of a cheque on behalf of you. Your application will be submitted to the Registrar along with a copy of Power of Attorney (PoA) as signed by you and submitted to Sharekhan.

18. What will be the allotment and refund process?
The Issuer Company would make allotment and refund directly to you.

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