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As you all know there are a mere 4 months remaining for our November 2010 IPCC attempt , I'm here to share with you my strategy / preparation for the upcoming exams. Please give your comments to make it even more better or correct if you feel it's not good.

Paper 1 : Accounting : Books referred -> Accounting by CA Praveen Sharma , RTP's , Compilation , and study material.

There are 12 chapters and 6 Accounting Standards.

AS 1,2,6,7,9,10 are not very tough to understand and complete.

I have allocated 8 days for 1 chapter.Each chapter contains about 35 questions ,some even less. Each day I solve only 4-5 questions with due concentration & understanding which makes the subject quite easy for me.

Paper 2 : Law,Ethics & Communication : Books - Law by Munish Bhandari ,RTP's & Compilation

Sir Munish Bhandari's book has almost 500 pages . Beleive me ,it isn't a pain to study 5 pages a day :).

Paper 3 : Cost Accounting & Financial Management : Books - Study Material , RTP , compiler & a book provided by a Coaching Institute .

This subject is what I personally find a bit challenging for myself.

15 chapters in Cost Accounting . Again going by the same method as in Accounting ,Allocating specific numbers of questions to be solved each day. 5-10 questions a day is enough to cover ample topics and almost all the aspects.

For Financial Management , I have decided to take help of the Compilation & RTP's and the coaching notes. There are hardly 120 pages in my book.So 1-2 pages / day is what I have planned to study.

Paper 4: Taxation : Books : By Girish Ahuja

After completing all the other targets set for the day , I give the rest of the time to studying Taxation. As I feel in Taxation the concepts should be deep rooted in mind to be successful in exams . So, I suggest to study tax when you're cool ,calm & fresh.

Paper 5 : Advanced Accounting : Books : Adv Accounting By CA Praveen Sharma , RTP's ,Compilation & Study Material.

10 Chapters & AS 4,5,11,12,16,19,20,26,29 . 

10 days for 1 chapter and per day target comes down to as low as 3-4 questions.

Paper 6 : Auditing : Books : Compiler , RTP's ,Study Material and a book provided by a Coaching Institute.

The book which is provided by my Coaching is nice,well written and so I have decided to stick with it.

4-5 pages a day from any standard text book for auditing would make your preparation and concepts rock solid.

Paper 7 : Information Technology : By Dinesh Madan

Dinesh Madan's book for IT has less than 300 pages . So my daily target is around 3 pages.

Strategic Management : Compiler , RTP , and Coaching Notes

There are 60 pages in my notes book.So I read 1 page a day ,and then read the same topic from the Study Material. So, it is kind of a make-up between the study material and notes.

The end !

This is my plan . Share your's too.

The books I referred here are the one's from which I study.You may be studying from some other. So , If you like my method you can implement it on whichever book / notes you come across.

Hope you like it.!     

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Amar Kumar
(CA Final , Intern )
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