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Interesting it is. Isn't it!

Member (Account Deleted) Guest , 10 February 2016  

Whether we know it or not.. Each one of us through our actions and reactions contributes to the Society.. Most of us will wonder.. Oh.. I did nothing today which could have by the slightest bit contributed to the Society.. Take an example.. When we see a crowd standing by the roadside watching a dog show.. Don't we feel like going there and being a part of that crowd..

When we see a place that is dirty and full of litter.. Don't we add to that litter.. Saying that, how would one wrapper make a difference.. Everyone throws here..When we see someone putting off the fans while getting off the train.. Don't we happen to do it.. Just because we saw someone else doing it..

When there is a group gossiping.. We go there and join.. Because we see.. We follow.. We do what others are doing..

When we ask a friend how much has he finished studying.. And if by chance that friend happens to be a sincere one and says that he has gone through the book once and is set for the first revision.. Don't we go get our books and feel that it’s high time we will have to start at least..

There is this interesting example most of us must have witnessed.. The shop that has more of customers tends to attract some more.. Whereas in which there are none stays like that.. We go where the crowd goes..

Taking another example which all of us will sure be well aware of.. When there are clothes lying in mess on one bed.. And there is one bed which is neat and tidy.. We go and keep the other bunch on the first one and the neat one remains neat..

When we see our neighbour with a new brand product.. We think of trying that one..

When we see people standing in queue for public transport.. We go and join them, not caring to check if the line is an unorganized or cross one.. We just go and stand in the exact same manner in which people ahead of us were standing..

If some day we want to play a prank.. What we can do is just go and stand in the middle of the busy road pointing our hand towards the sky.. Many will join looking up there wondering what it is.. It will not be strange if someone says there is something moving there crazily.. All will agree without having seen that.. And all will say in unison that ‘Yes, there is something crazy out there’.. This is how rumours spread.. One person says something which may or may not be the truth.. And the news spreads in no time.. Because people tend to circulate what they heard..

This happens with most of us.. There are so many things which we speak and when someone asks how did you get to know about it.. We reply ‘everyone knows’.. How everyone knows is something which no one knows..

When someone speaks loud.. We tend to speak louder..

When a child sees his parents going to the temple.. Or for that sake, keeping cereals for the birds.. Those values are inculcated in him by default..

Having taken so many examples.. It’s time we come back to the point.. So what's the point.. Point is, That we humans tend to imitate.. We tend to copy.. We tend to follow.. So when it’s too obvious that no matter what we do.. However small or routine our actions be.. There will always be someone who will follow.. How great will it be if each one of us could take an effort to do the right.. So the right will be followed.. And that is how we can contribute..

Moral Is.. Do Right For The Right To Be Followed!

Author is a Company Secretary and has a great interest in Writing. She aspires to reach out to the masses in a positive manner and can be contacted at


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