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Hello everyone. This time I have come back with a series of some technical articles on a very important and must know concept of our life. Everyone knows about insurance very well. It is protection against contingencies. If any uncertain event happens then there is an insurance company which will pay a certain amount to us or our nominees.

Regarding insurance, CA’s or people in finance industry will agree that it is very important and they have already made some provisions for that. This is correct. What different will I offer through this article?

Let me ask you some questions. If you can answer them correctly within a reasonable time say 5-10 minutes, you need not go through this article any more. If you cannot answer them quickly, then dear friends please read on and spend some more 10-15 minutes to understand how much you are playing with your life, dreams and your loved ones lives and dreams.

1. Have you ever dreamt for something big in your life?

2. Have you ever prioritized your dreams?

3. Have you ever quantified your dreams?

4. Have you ever visualized your dreams?

5. Have you taken any steps towards your financial dreams?

6. Have you ever taken any planned step towards your dreams?

I can go on and on with such number of questions. But here we will not start a question answer session.

Friends, if we dare to dream, we must dare to fulfill them. Nobody will help us financially except for a very rich background. We have to live our life on our own shoulders. It is said, to climb a 1000 step mountain, we need to take first step. How insurance helps us in fulfilling our dreams? Well those who have already tasted the benefits of it will agree that it helps in saving and investment and fulfill our dreams besides life cover. This means even in our absence, we will be able to fulfill our dreams which we have seen for our family. It gives a wonderful feeling even when we are no more a human life but a soul. Atma nahi bhatkegi idhar udhar mere dost.

Insurance is very helpful if we make its use in a systematic manner. Most of us will buy insurance for our property, assets like car, bike, etc. because it is required either by law or by loan institutions. When it is not required compulsory, we do not buy it. Who will spend some premium amount just for dreaming? And in case we have bought any policy for our self than it is again out of some compulsion. Most of the time we buy some policy just because of peer influence, or we need to oblige someone who is our best friend or relative and has become newly licensed agent. We have never thought what we are going to do with the maturity amount. We even do not make a proper nominee. Now friends, since we are spending some little amount towards premium, we can atleast take this trouble to plan about the usage of the maturity amount and atleast nominate someone who really is dependent on us. Once we do this exercise, we will find a great relief for atleast now we know that one of our dreams may be fulfilled, be it partially.

In my next article, I will write about how to dream, how to prioritize them and how to quantify them. Then we will discuss how to take next steps towards their fulfillment.

Your suggestions about this article are welcome.

 You can reach me at

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CA Jahanvi Trivedi
(Compliance manager)
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