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It is rather strange to note that we (Indians) are regarded as the most intelligent people in the world. Our intelligence is being utlised to better the systems and procedures in developed nations. Whereas, at home the entire system is messed up. One example, the Indian Taxation:

1.Income Tax Dept issues PAN

2. The same I T Dept once again issues TAN

3.Pay Advance/Self/Regular Tax - Challans / Multiple Banks

4.Digital Signatures, File Quarterly (TDS), FBT, Annual Returns.

5.That is not the end, file on-line, then do the same paper work.

6.Then Notices, Assessments, Various Sections.

7.Time pass.


9. Waste of time, paper, money.

10.Ultimately, every year there is no consistent system, Rates of Tax keep changing, they add Surcharge, Education Cess, Never ending taxes - with no consistent Rates of tax. Every year the story is different.

11.Neither the people preparing the Acts have clear idea nor the users & depts., have. Cases go on for years together, appeals, so on and on.

12.Why don't they remove the entire Act and have a flat rate consistent year. So, that people pay up and revenue is earned, achieving the prime objective of Revenue .

13.There is absolutely no coordination between the Central and State Depts.

14.Things need to be simplified over the years with no scope for any confusion, chaos and complexities.

15.We can only see a new Act coming up every day, new rates, new forms, new percentages - this is reflecting the level of our Indian Intelligence which is just adding on and on with no meaning.

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Md. Riazuddin
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