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Companies (Incorporation) Sixth Amendment Rules, 2019 dated 7th June, 2019, With a view to simplify the process for incorporating Section 8 Companies, requirement of prior filing of INC-12 for new section-8 companies is being dispensed.

So the Process of Incorporation of Section 8 Companies is now simple as the process of incorporation of other Companies.

Old Process of Incorporation of Section 8 Companies:-

  1. Reservation of Name through RUN form
  2. Obtain License for Section 8, Through Form INC-12
  3. Filling and Approval of Form Spice

Current Process of Incorporation of Section 8 Companies after Amendments:

  1. Section 8 Companies can be incorporated by either reserving names through Run and filing SPICe thereafter or by directly filing SPICe.
  2. License Number for a section 8 company shall henceforth be allotted at the time of incorporation itself.

What about form already uploaded for approval of License through E-Form INC-12?

In view of the above, all pending INC-12 SRNs for new Companies pending at respective Registrar of Companies would be marked as ‘Rejected’ on 15th August 2019. Such applicants may thereafter directly file SPICe for obtaining License Number and for incorporation of Section 8 Companies.

What about who already obtain the License number but SPICEs form are yet to be uploaded?

Who have already obtained License Numbers and are yet to file SPICe form for incorporating Sec 8 companies may do so at their convenience but may please note that the forms shall be processed only after a certain time lag to allow for work flow changes to take effect.


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CA. Anshal Khare
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