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Income Tax Audits Decoded: A Practical Manual for Business and Professional Individuals

Rashmi , Last updated: 24 August 2023  

If you earn money through a business or as a professional, there are certain rules set by the government that you need to follow. These rules ensure that your financial records are accurate and that you're paying the right amount of taxes. One of these rules is about getting a thorough checkup of your financial records, called an income tax audit. This is like a detailed inspection of your financial books to make sure everything is correct.

The government wants people to be honest about their income and expenses. So, if you make a certain amount of money, you have to get this audit done. It's a way to show that you're being transparent and responsible with your finances. The audit helps to match the numbers you report for taxes with the real numbers in your financial records. It also stops people from trying to cheat on their taxes by pretending they earned less than they actually did.

Income Tax Audits Decoded: A Practical Manual for Business and Professional Individuals

If you need to get an income tax audit, there are some important dates to remember. You have to get your financial records audited by a special accountant before September 30th of the year when you need the audit. For example, if you had a business in the year 2022-23 and you need an audit, it has to be done by September 30, 2023. After that, you need to submit your tax report along with the audit results by October 31st of the same year.

It's worth noting that there are two different accountants you might need to hire. One accountant helps you with your daily financial work and operations, while the other is specifically trained to do the audit. These two accountants should be different people, to make sure everything is done properly.

After the audit is completed by the special accountant, they will file a report online. Then, you, as the taxpayer, need to check and approve this report through your online tax account. This way, everything is official and the tax department knows that you followed the rules.


So, if you're earning money through a business or as a professional, make sure you remember these dates: get the audit done by September 30th and submit your tax report by October 31st. And remember, you might need two accountants to help you with this process.


The author is a Chartered Accountant with 2 decades of experience into Accounting, Taxation, Auditing, Risk & Compliance, Credit Controls, Due diligence. Currently, the author is the founder and managing partner at RRL Global Services. She can also be reached at rrlglobal@yahoo.com

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