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It is very common to hear from the students of CA/CWA/CS that they are spending 15 to18 hours a day on the studies. We all are grateful to their perseverance and hard work to achieve their goal of becoming a professional in these streams. However, in my observation a clear planning / scheduling of study is very important in the given time. The student needs to allocate a minimum of 8 hours to sleep. To follow the schedule, of course a high level discipline and positive thinking as well plays a vital role.

This article contains the importance of rest to the students in general. Even no doctor, co-students, or a scholar would have adviced you but, try with it you definitely get successful in your studies. This advice is only to be followed by the students who aim highly on becoming professional in these streams and started implementing their plans and not for those persons who just posing to be a CA/CWA/CS students.

Rest and relaxation are very important to the students. In fact, getting enough rest is imperative to living a healthy lifestyle and when you do not relax and get enough sleep you are putting yourself at risk for illness as well as other side effects.

Side Effects of Not Getting Enough Rest

Believe it or not the body needs enough rest each night to function properly. The amount of rest each individual needs every night differs, however the average adult student needs approximately 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night to restore his / her body with the energy it needs to the effective study each day and memorize the same. However, most of the students cut back on their sleep to spend their time mostly on coaching, transportation, reading etc. in their day to day schedule. Unfortunately, this runs the body down allowing more viruses and diseases to attack the body because the immune system is not functioning as well as it should. Then, the student may get sick or may unable to concentrate on their studies properly. When you get enough rest your body runs as it should and your immune system is stronger and able to fight off infections more easily.

Also, when you don't get enough rest you have difficult concentrating, thinking clearly, and even remembering things. You might not notice this at first or blame it on your busy schedule, but the more sleep you miss and rest you miss out on the more pronounced these symptoms will become.

In addition, a lack of rest and relaxation can really work a number on your mood. It is a scientific fact that when a student misses out on good nightly rest his / her personality is affected and he / she is generally more grumpy, less patient, and snap easier. As a result, missing out on rest to fit in all those activities might make you a bear to be around, which is not much fun at all.

Drowsiness is red alert: I sincerely hope that sleep deprived students will take the following advice very seriously. Drowsiness is red alert! Drowsiness is the last step before falling asleep, not the first. Imagine what that could mean when you're behind the wheel of a car driving on the highway. Drowsiness may mean you are seconds from a disaster. If everyone responded as if it were an emergency when they became aware of feeling drowsy, an enormous amount of human suffering and catastrophic events would be avoided.


The crucial event that occurs as we fall asleep is an abrupt shut down of the neural processes that allow us to perceive the world around us. At one moment we are awake, and can see and hear. A fraction of a second later we are asleep, and we are completely blind and completely deaf. Another way of saying this is that sleep is a behavioral state of complete perceptual disengagement from the environment. Sleep is an active process in which sensory stimulation is blocked or modified in some way such that we cease to be conscious of the world around us. In fact, research over the past couple of decades has decisively established that the sleeping brain is an active brain. Because so many people believe that sleep occurs when the brain is "turned off," I like to say, "If that is your image of sleep, then hear this, 'the brain never sleeps!'"

Sleep disorders: Sleep disorders are illnesses and disturbances of sleep and wakefulness that are caused by abnormalities existing only during sleep or abnormalities of specific sleep mechanisms. These abnormalities typically produce symptoms during wakefulness that are easily recognized if the person is aware of their significance, but the fundamental pathology exists during sleep. Though the symptoms that exist during wakefulness can be helpful in recognizing the possible existence of a sleep disorder, an absolute certainty generally requires an examination of the patient during sleep utilizing a procedure called polysomnography, also widely known as a "sleep test."

So, the next time you think it is a good idea to stay up late to complete a task or hang out with friends, think again. Of course, one night is not going to hurt you, but night after night of not getting enough rest really will.

Start managing your time from the student life itself in a much disciplined manner. The discipline alone may take you to the helm of the profession!

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

Melam Ram Pavan Kumar

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