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Today I'm gonna share my thoughts on the above topic as many times I get queries regarding this thing that whether a person should or shouldn't pursue CA or if a person is already pursuing CA then whether or not he/she shall continue pursuing it.

Well, the answer lies totally upon you only.

How? Let's see!

CA is undoubtedly one of the toughest and most sought after courses in India. It is rewarding in terms of money, knowledge, recognition, and respect. It doesn't involve huge financial investment to make in your studies, at least you wouldn't be jobless if you're a CA and certainly you'll have respect in everyone's eyes be it your family, friend circle or even office.

But, you have to work hard to earn these credentials (CA) before your name. This course demands your complete time, full focus, 100% commitment, determination and a single-eyed goal i.e to clear the exam.

 You've to sacrifice your friends, birthdays, parties, family functions, social media and every little thing that distracts you from achieving this goal of yours. Because if you won't then like these things continue to happen anyway so will your appearance in exams after every 6 months :). Frankly speaking, nothing will stop in the world if you're there or not but your life do get paused if don't clear exams timely.

This is possible only when you make CA your only option to succeed in life no matter what. Keep no other backup apart from becoming CA till the time you don't clear.

Also if you're not clearing exams than change your approach, your teachers, notes or revision methods. Compare your answers and institute's answers, work on those gaps and try again with more practice and preparation than before.

Eat, drink, breathe and live CA until you become one. Believe me, everyone will start supporting you once you're focussed in what you want and how to get it. Even if someone discourages you before you've become CA then that person also will appreciate you when you qualify.

I've spent 10 years of my life earning these 2 letters before my name and I've no regrets for these 10 years because honestly speaking these 10 years have shaped me into a person I need to become in life not the person I always wanted to be. All the hard work, pain, tears, pressures, failures are paid off once you sail through this vast lake of syllabus and 6 months cycle. Everyone will support and appreciate your efforts once you do it successfully.

Do it for yourself, for your family and for everyone who has supported you in this journey.

But in the end, keep one thing in mind that CA is a part of life and shouldn't be made bigger than life itself. The pressure is necessary for anyone to keep them going but too much pressure is very harmful for anyone.

Just relax and focus on your exams and give your best shot this time. No room for errors, no room for excuses and definitely no room for anything less than CA.

Thank you for reading this article. I wish all the very best to all the upcoming CAs.


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CA Vipul Aggarwal
(Chartered Accountant )
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