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What is ICEGATE Portal? What services ICEGATE offers?

Aishna Kukreja , Last updated: 27 March 2024  

What is the ICEGATE Portal?

Indian Customs and Central Excise Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange (EC/EDI) Gateway or ICEGATE is a portal that is used by traders, cargo service providers, and clients of the Customs and Central Excise Department for e-filing services. In addition to that, the portal is also used for communication and documentation between the department and other regulatory and licensing bodies.

Who can register at ICEGATE?

Businesspersons who are involved in the following can register on the portal are:

1. Exports
2. Imports
3. Export General Manifest
4. Import General Manifest
5. Consol Manifest

ICEGATE   E-commerce Portal for Indian Customs

What are the services offered on the ICEGATE portal?

The portal offers a wide range of services for traders. The services available on the portal are:

1. Online registration of Intellectual Property
2. Import/Export code status verification
3. E-payment
4. Document tracking status at Customs Electronic Data Interchange
5. Online verification of:
a. Duty Entitlement Passbook
b. Export Promotion Capital Goods license
c. DES license
6. PAN-based data search

What are the benefits of ICEGATE Portal?

1. The portal offers e-filing services for both, import and export declarations online
2. Through the portal, exporters and importers can view the status of their documents online
3. Query replies and other outbound responses related to online Shipping Bill, Bill of Entry, or other documents can be accessed through the portal.
4. Acknowledgments related to Shipping Bill, Bill of Entry etc. can be viewed from the portal
5. Queries can be raised and replies can be received on the same, through the portal.


Simplified Auto Registration

Prior to the introduction of "Simplified Auto Registration" a user was required to submit his/her digital signature amongst other documents, which resulted in plenty of time wastage on the part of the user because proper permissions have to be taken by the officials to use digital signature. This resulted in a large number of importers and exporters not getting registered on the ICEGATE portal.

Thus, in an attempt to simplify the process and attract more users, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, eliminated the need of a digital signature, PAN verification and approval procedure for the registration process. Thus, the new procedure only requires the users to submit their Import/Export Code, GST Identification Number and OTP verification via mobile number and email ID. This resulted in registrations on the portal to a large extent. As of today, the portal has more than 8500 registered users. During the course of the registration, a user is also given an option to change his/her mobile number or email ID.

How to log in and register to ICEGATE Portal?

Step 1: Visit the portal at https://www.icegate.gov.in/UserReg/autoIECRegAction

Step 2: Fill your Import/Export Code (IEC) number and GST Identification Number along with the temporary password sent on your registered mobile number, and Captcha. Now click "Submit".

Step 3: You will now be required to enter your login credentials which includes a Unique Login ID / Username and password.

Step 4: You will now be redirected to a page wherein you have to enter an OTP, sent on your registered mobile number along with an email ID.

Step 5: Post entering the OTP, click on "Finish" to complete the registration process.

How to check the status of a Bill of Entry (BOE) on ICEGATE through the GST portal?

  • Visit the official GST website and go to the 'User Services' section.
  • Select 'Search BOE Option' from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter details like port code, BOE number, BOE date, and reference date.
  • Click 'Search' to view the results.
  • Review the displayed information which includes various statuses like Open, Ready, Assessed, or Closed.
  • Regularly checking BOE status is crucial for smooth customs clearance and import operations.

Some commonly asked questions:

1. How do I track the shipping Bill on ICEGATE Portal?

Shipping Bill can be tracked on the portal by selecting the location and entering the required details which are the Shipping Bill number and date.

2. How to check the status of the Bill of Entry on ICEGATE Portal?

The status can be checked as follows:
1. Visit the ICEGATE home page and Click on "Public Enquiries" button
2. From the left menu of available services. Select "Status of BE in RBI - IDPMS" service
3. Enter Bill of Entry No. and Bill of Entry Date.
4. Select the corresponding Location and submit the details.
5. View details of the BE along with the date of transmission to IDPMS.

3. What is the procedure to check the status of all the Bill of Entry documents filed at ICEGATE against a particular PAN No.?

1. Login to the ICEGATE website.
2. Click on "CB Wise Daily Summary".
3. Click on "Bill of Entry" link and enter the PAN No.
4. Click on "Click Here" link to view summary of Bill of Entry filed on the portal against a particular PAN No.

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