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I never wanted to do CA

Member (Account Deleted) Guest , 28 December 2010  

Ya thats true ,I never wanted to do CA.....I know friends u r going to critisize me and say"Priyam then why r u here" ...I have read a few articles wich says that a person who has joined CA course bcos of parents or bcos of friends can never become a successful CA......So i thought about writing this article .


Why I never wanted to do CA


I scored 85% in 10th ...was good at maths scored 94 ,the problem was i was good at science...even won first prize in science project ,but i didnt take science in 10+2 bcos i hated chemistry more than anything else.I hated cramming..Actually i cant cram anything.So i took commerce by choice ...i didnt know anthing about it was going to be a new experience for me.For commerce i had to change my school ,So 11th and 12th was like hell for me........I developed certain kind of dislike for Accounts in these 2 years maybe bcos of the way it was presented to me, but i loved Business studies and economics .I hated accounts thats why i was scared to take up CA.


Why i took up CA


1) for my parents- I know my parents wud be very happy....actually my dad will be the happiest person in this world the day i become CA.Actually im waiting for that day when i wil get to see the hapiness in his eyes.I got a taste of it this year when i cleared PCC first group.


2) I know i can do it- I took up CA bcos i was sure i wud be able to complete it .I got addmission in Delhi University BCom(H) ....but i left it,by my own choice,It was a risk i hav taken...If i dont bcom a CA,i know  i wont be anything.But i know i can.....


3)I dont hate accounts anymore- I did self study for CPT and for PCC ....i studied from the basics,i read the study material completely but ya i must say for CPT  study material is sufficient...I just managed to pass in CPT , bcos i only studied Accounts and mercantile law completely and attempted all the questions of this part...and left everything else blank(bcos negative marking na) was like gambling,(but i wud never say anyone to do this).I joined CA without ne dreams ....but ya now I truly believe that I can surely make a mark.It has obviously taken time to understand and like wat i was doing.....there were times i used to cry ,my parents were scared too, they told me to take up nething i wanted to do and leave CA(my parents were supportive always ,mayb they were scared of me commiting suicide,but i think i was a fool ,i just had a fear of accounts .....but i must say ,i had to workhard for it(but i think everyone has to workhard),Its good to find myself back again and Im happy.



Actually there is a lot I can write about , but just want to say my friends have faith in urself and ur abilities cos if u dont no one will.



Human mind has no boundaries...., how can anyone predict from before whether a person is going to be successful or not...every person has the capability to make a mark but its just that how soon he realises his true worth....makes all the difference.



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