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Though I have passed my 1st group this time and am looking forward to clear my exam by November 2011. I wrote this article last January when I failed in November 2010 results. However this article is dedicated to those who believe in optimism and believe in bouncing back from one’s failure.


I have failed again…don’t know it’s the official first failure of life or something else because when you study well and cant do well in the exam then its your hard luck I guess.

Never was this shocked before the way I was yesterday and this feeling really was one of the worst feeling. I failed again after my PE2 exam twice. So all in all three times in the same freaking course I failed. Today I am here fallen because I have failed. But is this life all about? Its all about rising to the occasion. May be this was not the good time. Luck had it all this time and labour didn’t pay. But all I want to do is have faith in me. I don’t want to worship god for that coz the god is within me i.e. my faith and I will worship my faith with some degree of patience and honesty to myself in my study. Next time if things go wrong, I will not be able to forgive myself again if I look in for excuses.

Well the nicest excuse when you fail in CA is you boast on what you are studying (the toughest course in the world), highlighting the difficulties that are faced by millions of students in this field but what about your own personal weakness. When will one come over those and stop pointing at the flaw in the system. Flaws are common in every system. Human system has flaws too. I am a warehouse of flaws so far as my study is concerned. I would love to work out on that. I guess self realization is the greatest virtue of mankind. If one realizes one’s mistake, the waves of rectification should continually come and one should look forward to flow in that wave rather fight against it and make mistakes again.

Talking is essential but even donkeys talk to each other. Our life is not that of a donkey that we talk only. We’ve got to implement. At least at this stage today, we are not donkeys that we must do what our masters say under the strike of a whip. We are free souls, free minds under the sky of creativity where we can blossom like flowers, colour the sky like rainbows and all we need are some vibrations to come out from inner self. A day as desired would not be far if we come to the realization of the fact that its our vision that matters and understanding the vision would just be possible if we are on track becouse not every starter necessarily knows initially where the track may lead to. It’s the experience in each step that we print on those tracks that gives us some experiences. Those experiences gives us skill to be on track and remain focused.

Once failed you got to have the bounce-back abilities. Look outside your window, you are among the commons, you have failed. A lot of others have failed. See them, console them, make them accept the fact that failures are no more than a small commas of life which do not bring an end to the sentence of one’s life, one’s career, one’s future. A temporary halt can sometimes be good but the ultimate crux would again come saturating to self realisation and yes rising to the occasion.

Find your vision, find your goal, move on  in your pursuit of happiness. Your goal for tomorrow will be a reality some day for sure. You will be a CA. 

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