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This is something that I want to talk about, I want you to know about, I want the students like me who don’t have confidence in them or completely lost their confidence during struggling tenure to trust about.

Hey Friends.... It’s not just a story; it’s a real fact miracle which happened in my life.

I Hope this will also inspire you and give you assurance when you completely lost hope and totally blank in your life what to do next?

It’s my real life story since from the childhood. I was a duffer student not even an average student. Till 5th Standard all things were going on good even I can define it well but as I stepped in to standard 6th life doesn’t seems that easy it was before. The things become hard to cope up, Studies became tough, self respect was agenda, and the Leadership quality in friends circle was the only thing which I was fighting for.

As I told You I was not at all good in studies. My life took a very bad turn, my enjoying life seems to be worst and worst day by day. For e.g. smiling face to crying face Playing with friends to Playing with the Teacher slaps cycling to racing with scholars due to parent’s pressure. All the things just changed me. I was just surrounded by the fear. I was so afraid about the scolding which will come from teachers, tuition teachers, mom.............. The days went on and on I was going on losing my confidence the school days remained same. I was not at all interested in studies. I was just interested in eating, watching television, cycling, dancing and bla bla other things except studies all were my passion.. Upto School routine days it was ok but the exams days was trouble for me. I was totally messed up with things the subjects were so boring I can say ENGLISH-NOT INTERESTED MARATHI-VERY WEAK IN IT MATHS-WAS NOT SOLVING MY PROBLEMS IN LIFE HISTORY-INTERESTED IN FUTURE GEOGRAPHY-MAPS WHERE MAKING THOUSAND MAPS IN MY MIND HINDI-WAS OK DRAWING-IT WAS THE ONLY SUBJECT WHICH I LIKE TO SIT FOR EXAM.

So friends you can easily make out from above how difficult the school life was for me not even a single subject I can cope up with Exams days pass on but the result day was still to come and the tension surrounded every minute from the last exam day till result day...the fear of parents, the fear of what society will say, the fear of what if I lose my one whole year.

Same as a very duffer student I was the same visiting to every temple of my town to get through this problem of passing which was the sole aim every year I have "PLEASE BHAGWAN IS BARE PASS KAR DO NEXT TIME I WILL STUDY HARD" Every single year it was the same lifestyle but you will be interested what finally happen in my result day. The result day was a day which made me believe that I cant but he can .I always used to pass with the grace marks and that day I was damn happy that I went to next new class without failing.

Till 10th standard it was the same I begged him I can say every time I challenged him if you are there then I want a proof come on accept my challenge clear my exams and prove that your existence is there and every time he proved. I secured 63% in my SSC Board exams. My dad, mom, my family doesn’t have any hopes from me. I think Same as other parents they also thought that any how I should complete my graduation..But my Life took a turn just I was believing that I CANT BUT HE CAN. I was enjoying my life without studying and depending on god that he will do every thing as every time .I stopped worrying about results as I was doing in my School times because there was a huge support I started living my life, enjoying with my friends, enjoying my studies and I didn’t had any clue what it resulted it resulted 82% in my HSC now this what called miracle in my life.

A miracle which turned my life. I, a graced passed girl had gained that much of confidence in God that I appeared for CPT examination and cleared in first attempt and now a CA Student Which turned my life.

Now I am getting a huge respect, love, and friend’s attention every thing which I was struggling for..... A DROP OF INK MAKE MILLIONS TO THINK. So it’s a message for everyone when you completely frustrated out of things just think I CANT BUT HE CAN and start Life without worrying more and enjoying a lot.......

Thanking You,



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Dipti Achhra
(Article Assitant)
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