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Yet again the results are not as high as many of us would have expected. Yet again a lot of dreams will have to wait for their realization. I am getting loads and loads of emails, messages and phone calls from students asking for help and some words of advice.

There was one thing common in all of these requests that came my way… in almost all the cases the student writing the message was in so much stress and in de-motivated state that the negativity in the sentences were at its peak. One such message that a student wrote to me after he failed CA Final yet again for the 4th time was something like this…” Sir, I have yet again failed to clear CA Final. I don’t know what to do… I feel like I will never be able to become a CA. I am a complete failure and looks like.. will always be..”

This was just an extract from the long email that I got. But the pain in these lines kept me awake that night. The reason is – I know how it feels like when you fail… that too for the 4th time. People around you stop believing in you and eventually you yourself stop believing…

The reason why I am writing this article after my initial two articles on The 7 Laws of Clearing CA Exams series is to let this student and all others know something… something that can change their life and help them witness their dream of become a Chartered Accountant become a reality in front of their own eyes. Today I am going to talk about the power of “I AM”.

I truly and firmly believe in the power of words. Just like old ‘mantras’ in Hinduism that has the power to transform one’s life by its sounds effect on body and mind and raise a person from ordinary to higher levels of consciousness. But no mantra, for example Gayatri Mantra can have positive effect unless it is recited multiple times over a period of time. Mantras are nothing but words and we can safely say that words have the power to influence the outcome of one’s life or results in one’s life.

Negative words like “I am a failure” “I am not worthy”, “I am not intelligent enough”, “I am weak student”, “I am very bad at that subject” etc are no less than powerful mantras that had huge impact on the life of the person reciting them over and over again and carrying them in his thoughts.

“I am” are the 2 most powerful set of words one can ever come across as far as having an impact on a human life is concerned. Remember – whatever you add after these 2 power words “I am” begins to manifest itself in your life. It is like giving an invitation to the keyword that you add after “I am”. It’s an invitation to be a part of your life. So the next time you say “I am a failure” remember you are giving an invitation to failure to become a permanent part of who you are. Never ever say a negative word even if the outside world appears to be giving negative results. Always say and think positive words and if you really want to be a Chartered Accountant repeat as many times as you can “I am a Chartered Accountant”.

One of the most powerful way in which you can use these keywords is by keeping them as your email password or mobile screen lock password. The intent is that you should use, recite, write, feel, think these words again and again and again so as to plant them deeply in your subconscious mind. Record your voice saying ‘I am a Chartered Accountant’ and listen to it when you relax and take break from study.

Friends the default setting of an ordinary human being is negative. We as humans attract negativity in our life more than positivity.  If we don’t program our mind and ourselves for success, we are sure to fail because that is what our default setting is. Why is that so? Well... that’s nature.

Now some of you might think and counter argue that “I have been declared  failure in the recently out results and I know I have failed and I am not a Chartered Accountant… so how can I say these words when I know them to be not true?”

And my answer to that is… nothing is this world… not me, not you, no one can change your past. The fact that you have failed is a fact of the past and I am not talking about changing your past… that’s impossible. But you can change your future by changing how you feel about your present.  Do not make the mistake of lingering on your past. Your past is buried… its dead. Release it. Because only by releasing your past you can choose a new though in your present to create a future of your choice.

Let’s carefully understand this. Tell me one thing… can you touch your past? Is it real? The answer is – No. your past is not real. It exists only in your emotions… your feelings. Same goes with future…. It is unreal because you can’t touch it. Then what is real? What’s real is this very moment – present. You can touch things in your present… you can see things. So both past and future are unreal but present is real. You cannot alter your past but you can alter your future by choosing which thoughts you hold up in your mind in the present. Is it the memories of the past? The negative emotions and feelings from bad past experiences or is it the pictures of your choice using your imagination to create a future of your choice. Whatever thought you hold in your mind in this moment called present…  creates your future.

I know it’s not easy… it’s tough but remember - CA is not a tough course… it’s a course for tough people.

Friends you must understand that this world is run by the collective consciousness of the people who live here. Same goes with our individual worlds… our emotions & feelings & consciousness are creating our world. We are emotional beings and are basically running after feelings. So when we want to get a rank in CA exam, we are not longing for a time when we will hit a set of numbers in the computer and computer will flash a mark sheet which will show merit. No we are not waiting for that… what we are waiting for is the proud feeling that we will get when we get the rank. The social recognition that we will get, the emotion that we’ll be on the top of the world is what drives us. It is not the event that will happen in certain time in future that pushes us… it the emotion and feelings that we have associated with that event and which we want to experience in reality that drives us.

If it was not the case, then the past rank holders would still get the same feeling that had they had experienced when they first saw their name in the merit list. That fact… that event when their name was there in the merit list in itself does not have any value… it derives value when we attach emotions to it.  And I am saying the only way to get to feel and experience an emotion that you want to experience in reality in future is by living and feeling that emotion right now in every now/present in your mind and in your heart until that eventually becomes a reality. When you don’t do that you leave things to chance.

Do not leave things to past and don’t be a victim of your past bad memories. Use imagination and the power of “I am” to make a positive change in your life. Because you have the power and the tools now to create the future of your choice.

Friends, I end this article here but hope that I was able to convey one of the most powerful insight and tool that can change your life. If you like this article, do let me know your thoughts by commenting below.

Just to inform you, I am giving a motivational – success mindset and study techniques seminar title ‘I AM A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT’ on 7th Sept at Kamani Auditorium (New Delhi) if you’d like to be a part of the seminar register yourself at or call 9953471411.

Remember friends, you have the option to become the creator of your life but the question is… are your exercising that option?


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Nitin Soni
(Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur)
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