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Dear Friends,

The body require good food  to remain healthy like wise human brain require  good and positive thought to be positive and achieve the success.  Brain work just like a computer system. Input…>process…>outlook

Burning desire

What is this implies?  To become a chartered Accountant must be burn inside you.

 It is a strong desire to achieve the ultimate goal. Even if you weak but have a strong desire to become a CA, and trying too hard for your mission, you may some time may be failing but will reach the ultimate aim.

In sum, an average student c an also become a CA provided he do posses the burning desire.

This is a serious outlook of you for your ultimate goal. Even if you posses all the qualities to become a good chartered Accountant will not be fruitful unless you don’t have a strong and firm desire for your ultimate goal.

But cultivating this desire is too difficult but once you had generated such desire then it will sustain over a period of time.

Rising according to the opportunity.

If the opportunity with you is challenging to achieve, you need to feed a positive feed back to the brain and the necessity to rise according to the opportunity at hand.

 In this context, I do suggest the mantra of sree sankara “be cautious and always cautious” even if when you sleep. So start now the mantra

If you cautious, will pay more attention to the study aspect, finding the ways for your improvement of inherent skills and talent.

Never ever feel that you are perfect and complete, try room for further improvement.

The opportunity is so challenging here and raises 10 steps ahead, dare to be different from others, try to find the ways for future improvement so that no ICAI people can stop you for qualifying the CA course.

Total and complete involvement in studies

If you have good interest in studies, you can make the toughest paper to be easy.

But never give a negative feed to your brain that the subject is too difficult and require some specialized coaching for getting through the subject. Once you give such feed back to brain, my dear friends please be understand that you are 10 steps behind and there is no difference between you and the remaining students.

Whatever not possible today will be possible for tomorrow but it require time.

If you have a positive outlook and understanding the basic and concepts, then, my dear friends you can do own your own with out depends on the coaching or tuition.

Mostly the students were neglect the basic and concepts, they giving the false feed to the brain that these elements are already learn and I know it well.

Trying hard for expert level, attending the coaching and tuition and trying to inject the so called basic and concept but May fails in front of a surprise and practical questions of ICAI.

Nothing is impossible provided you have time to adhered to the basic and concept and have a good mind for doing hard work.

All the best

Vivek M



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