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Some of our friends join CA course and study with a great enthusiasm and joins coaching classes here and there later it seems to be diluted?


It is a sign of lack of motivation. So No one can motivate you other than yourself. You don’t have a burning desire with yourself, or you are ignorant about your goals.


The time near to exam such persons will wake up and think that there is no time for exam. So clock start ticking when the exam is nearing. The result waiting days will also be run so fast.


You also be so eager to see the result of your exam. The feeling of having failed, especially after having put in a lot of effort, is to simply say, miserable. This is life, dear friend, and one has to accept it.


Failure, like any emergency, could be unexpected. (Expect the unexpected).


We never planned to fail, but it happened. What matters is not how you fall but how quickly you rise and walk.


Henry ford quotes


"One who fears failure limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again".


So the question before you is how starting intelligently again?


You must have a mission statement which is backed up by your values. Mission is nothing but a simple way of your goals. If you set your goal to secure Rank in CA, then, you write it as “towards rank”, preferably a place were you can see this statement at frequent intervals. When you wake up every day, please see this mission statement “towards goal”. This will act as a goal. Gradually your mission statement will be registered in to the brain by frequent reading of your mission statement. I hope these mission statement will be a driving force for better tomorrow.


Even if you had not secured the rank but you can mitigate the failure level if you set a good mission. If your target is good then there is a least probability to fail.


The greatest of learning begins with the smallest of steps a step in the right direction".


Your "mission" statement is the first step in the right direction. Second is your constant effort towards this mission. If you prepared by keeping in your mind your mission, then, you will automatically find some alternative to accomplish your goals also.


Value can be interpreted as achieving your short term goal, say, qualifying as a CA during your long span of life.


Some of the example


Failure to cover the syllabus through  reference book or ICAI modules.


Failure to plan and organize your daily study plan and it is ultimately leads to you to personal embarrassment.


Failure to study suggested answers, RTP, Recent amendment in law, Scanners.


Failure to study the portion studied in class and the "daily study plan", systematically and meticulously on a regular basis. ( Revision, keeping notes etc).


Failure on your part to present the answer in a better and effective manner to the examiner.


These are the some of the reason for failure. Think yourself that failure is an opportunity to start intelligently.




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