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In practical subjects like Accounts, FR, SFM, Costing etc objective should be always to score high so that it will help on the one hand to some in achieving rank whereas on the other hand to some it will help in crossing the aggregate requirement. 

To start with:

  • Make a quick go through of the whole paper in allotted 15 minutes so as to decide what is most easy to what is most difficult.
  • Start with the easiest preferably practical question.
  • Then take up next level question leaving most difficult for the end.
  • Before taking up the difficult one, you can quickly complete the theory question.

At the end:

  • Take the remaining difficult question and try to do as much as possible.
  • Check the whole answer sheet for anything you need to do if time remains.

What more:

  • In every question check what has been asked mark space for it 1st if possible you can make a broad outline and after that start working notes.
  • Do not waste too much time in presenting working notes do it quickly but clearly and legibly. From this working notes whatever, you are getting place them in final answer portion.
  • When a large number of working notes are there, give them the serial number and link those numbers in the answer portion.
  • Leave proper side margin
  • Write question no. very clearly and boldly
  • 1st priority should be correctness then presentation.
  • Start every new question from a fresh page.
  • Take care that calculations are done correctly.
  • Preferably use same denominations as used in the question, like in Rs., thousands or lakhs etc
  • Sometimes in the same question, different items are given in different denominations, decide which one to use and convert all in to that level.   
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