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After a lot of time thinking, I decided to write an article on “How to write answers in CA Exams”. The views are written herein below are purely personal. Somebody agree or somebody might not.

Remember following things which are important:

1. Read the paper wholly which is available to us. [15 minutes are given] Read the question papers very calmly.

2. After reading the question paper, you decide the question for which you can give best answer. It is not necessary to give answer from 1st question itself. You need to write answer of that question first, which you know the best.

3. Another thing, while writing answer, tries to give answer in such a way that it seems that you are not missing major and important points (particularly in case of Theory). It is true that for all students it is not always possible to write each and every thing which they have read. So even if you feel that you are missing something and you are not catching at the time of writing answer, don’t worry. What you need to do is leave some space, you might remember after words. Even if you don’t remember even after completing paper, don’t worry.

4. As far as possible, please don’t write which is not necessary. In other words, in first question, you need to write answer of all sub-questions. Think that you don’t know the answer of first sub-question and you know answer of rest. So what to do here first right rest sub-questions and then right answer of first sub-question and only relevant parts. If you don’t know anything, please do not write any thing.

5. Before giving answer of any question, read it very carefully. Many a times it happens that we read the question in hurry and we start writing answer, but in the mid we our self came to know “This is not right or something else feeling”. I am not telling that this is happening but it may happen. This type of error can occur in theory subjects particularly when question is asked in tricky way.

6. Give the answer in way which they expect. Meaning thereby if they wish answer to be given in two digits then give it in two digits only rather than giving in more or less than two digits. In May 2013 exam in case of SFM paper they have asked to give answer up to two decimal points in Question 3(a), so here we need to give answer in two decimals only. In the first question also they have given remarks “to show calculation for exchange rate up to four decimal points”, so in such case we need to calculate exchange rate up to four decimal points only.

7. If in the question, they have not mentioned any thing special (say in case of calculating Goodwill, Tax rate is not given) than you can make calculation at your wish and accordingly you need to write answer with notes. As working notes and assumptions are part of your answer it will be much needed to give answer accordingly

8. In case of SFM, there are so many formulae. So in case of SFM, you are requested to first write formulae and all its ingredients, and after having all details you can write now we can find so ……. It means suppose it is asked to find out return in Mutual fund example. Here first we write formulae, then we need to indicate the factors which are available with us instantly and if something is not available directly then we need to make some calculation and then we put altogether in main formula to find out return.

9. It is needless to say to quote the case laws in case of Papers of “Direct taxes”, “Indirect Taxes”. If you don’t remember the case law, don’t worry, but please do not quote any wrong case law. Suppose you don’t remember case law but you remember that it either of Supreme Court or any High Court, then you may write that “As decided in very recent case by Supreme Court or say “Gujarat High Court” or “Delhi High Court”...

10. Try to allot the time to each questions. Please don’t give much time to one question, so that you are not able to attend the remaining questions. Suppose there are 6 questions, you can allocate half hour to each question. It may be possible that the question of which you know answer very well can be completed with less than allocated time. So spare time may be used for some another question.

11. Write what is asked and try to avoid give unnecessary details.

12. It is utmost important that each subject has its own language. So try to give answer in the language of subject only.

13. In all subjects it is important to give answer step by step with supporting. It may be possible that you might give working note first, and answer after word, but never mix the answer and working note.

14. Suppose there is one question, say it is question number 3. Say there are two sub-questions say (a) and (b). Now say in (b) you are asked to answer (i),(ii) and (iii). Here you can not give answer of (b) (iii) then (i) and then (ii). You have to give answer of sub-question (b) (i), then (ii) and then (iii).

15. Give due important to things which are core of the subjects, like in case of audit give due importance to “Accounting Standards”, “Auditing Standards”, and “Relevant Sections”. The said things are applicable to “Law”, “Direct Taxes” and “Indirect Taxes”.

Hope above will help you. If you need to give any remarks with respect to this article, you can write to me at: I welcome suggestions. Thanks.


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