How to write audit paper in exam?

CA Saba Naaz , Last updated: 19 September 2016  

Hello friends, In this article, I am sharing my experience on how to write audit paper. I learnt these points during my CA journey. And I hope, this article will also help you all.

Things to do :

1) In questions related to AS and SA (mostly these questions are compulsory), quote the AS number and name, SA number and name , and the sections of the Companies Act, wherever applicable. Generally, such questions are a combination of AS, SA and the provisions of the Companies Act. So, you must present the answer in a way that a combination of the AS, SA and the Companies Act is visible.

2) In questions related to Professional ethics, always mention the Schedule, it's part and the relevant clause. Sometimes, more than 1 clause apply in a particular case. In such a case, mention all the relevant clauses. Further, the provisions of the Companies Act also apply in a few cases. In such cases, the particular section need to be quoted for better presentation.

3) In questions where topics like any audit procedures, etc. are asked, write the answers point wise. This helps you to mention more points in a summarized manner and you can decide the number of points you want to write based on the size of the marks. In this way, the presentation of answers also improves to some extent and you avoid writing irrelevant points.

Things not to do :

1) Never write the answers just for the sake of filling maximum number of pages. Believe me, it's not going to help you at all. This technique may work in some colleges, but not in our institute. Write only the relevant material. No need to enhance your answers unnecessarily. Write to-the-point answers.

2) Never quote wrong AS or SA numbers, clauses under professional ethics and sections of the Companies Act or any other law applicable. Quoting them wrong creates a wrong impression on the examiner. If you don't remember, then no need to write them. Instead, explain your answer correctly.

3) Never leave any question un-attempted. I know, sometimes, the paper is very lengthy. But, since it's a theory paper, you can attempt it completely. If you write few points in each answer, you may score well. So, try to solve maximum number of questions by maintaining your speed.

Thanks ! All the best :)

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