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Dear All,

This is my first article in the CCI. I am very proud to be part in this esteemed club.

In this article I have taken a topic called “How to WIN Internal Customer” which may be playing vital role in this competitive corporate world. Being a professional in Finance & Accounts, we should know as to how to win the internal customer.

Who is a Customer?

A customer (also known as a client, buyer, or purchaser) is usually used to refer to a current or potential buyer or user of the products of an individual or organization, called the supplier, seller, or vendor.

Can we say them as an External Customer?

Then Who is an Internal Customer?

An Internal Customer may be an individual or a department who receives service from others within the organization. Since we are in the finance platform, for us, the Internal Customer would be HR, Sales & marketing, Supply Chain, Production & planning, Customer service and Quality Control etc.,

As the Finance & Accounts department is considered as a Supporting Function (In most of the corporate), it is our duty to satisfy our Internal Customer in order to increase the company’s wealth and reputation in outside.

 “We need to help them to help the external customers by them”

“Keeping your customer satisfied is key to your success”

How shall we WIN our Internal Customer?

The following tips may be useful:-

·         Be a Team Player

Being Finance & Accounts professionals, we place our self in an IVORY tower and see others. However, we should realize that it is very difficult to get succeed without team work. Hence it is the right time to come down from the Ivory tower and work closely with the team. Generally in all organization, there is a gap between F&A and other dept., we should bridge the gap only when we play a cross functional activity. We should be a good team player and do cross functional activity to get into the confidence in the mind of our colleagues.   

·         Listen their issues

We should always be a good listener rather than a questioner. Listen whatever they say and don’t argue with them. Listen their problems and issues first, this will give confidence to them to express their views freely and clearly. They may be correct as far as their views and issues are concerned and we should give respect for their views.

·         Express your Views

Once you understood their issues and concerns, analyze yourself and express your views to them. Your views should be precise and clear that should go into their mind and should be able to understand by them.      

·         Explain the company’s policies and procedures


The argument arises between us and others when they don’t follow the policies and procedures. It is our duty to explain/educate the company’s policies and procedures and the consequences will be faced by us if we don’t adhere the policies and procedures.  


·         Update them on the new policies and circulars


Normally finance dept., gets updated in all the new policies and circulars which other dept., may not be knowing. Whenever we get time we can share the same to our colleagues to make them to update on the day to day matters. This would lead to increase your reputation among others.


Thank you for having read my article!


If you have any suggestion please comment the same to help myself to get it corrected.



Obulirajan R

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ACMA Obulirajan R
(M.Com, ACMA)
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