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Dates counting begin for IPC students. Yeah, the terrifying period is for almost all the aspirants, some lost their sleeping, some getting a horrible nightmare. Don't know what to do. So here, this article is going to give some way how you can utilize these remaining 6 days including today in a productive way. On 28th January, the result is going to be out and hopefully, all of you reading the article is going to crack it with good marks. So what would be next? Article ship may be, Right! From now start doing preparations for your Interview which you have to give on 1st February & onwards.

Below is the top universal questions going to be asked in coming interview.

Q 1: What can you tell me About Yourself?
Answer- I'm XYZ, a student of ICAI. I'm from Delhi (for me). Boys / girls with patience, learner & friendly nature. Further to expand it you may add your hobbies.

Hobbies must be realistic because contra questions could come. For e.g. You say reading books then contra ques. could be what types of books you read? Recently which books you have read, its author name, what was in that book, tell the story and much more so be careful while telling your hobbies.

The answer to this question must be short and specific. Instead of reading your C.V which is put on interviewer desk go through the Element you want to highlight.

Q 2: Can you list your strength?
Answer- Initiate with the line that, 'I feel my strengths are--------------.'

Here must remember strength should be only yours. Don't use to say copy-paste words. Say 3-4 things you do very well with concrete examples & which would be beneficial to the firm also.

Q 3: What weakness you have?
Answer- No weakness, never-ever say. Everyone has some weaknesses.

Say whatever is your weakness it will give expressions that candidate has the capability to identify his/her weakness And in last always show them you are trying to overcome it.

Like- weakness is using the word 'No' easily but I'm trying to overcome. Remember to say that weakness which can affect the working of your joining firm.

Q 4: Why should I consider Hiring You?
Answer- It may be given as you have need of articles, who could assist in doing massive work daily. I think I would appropriately do all this if I selected.

  • Point how keen you are to learn & to be mentored.
  • It's not a specific answer, it is based on research.

Q 5: Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Answer- Don't be shy about sounding ambitious or hungry for success. But don't be dreamy & unrealistic.

Q 6: What is your salary expectation?
Answer- Answer to this question based on your research about the firm. Don't be shy. For salary instead of going specific, talk in ranges.

Q 7: What motivates you?
Answer- Motivation is personal so don't go for an artificial answer.

Q 8: What makes a good team play?
Answer- Here, you must show your ability with past example of building networks. For e.g. You may say, used to be a head boy, the caption of this and that area in school.

Q 9: Is there anything that you would like to ask me?
Answer- At least one question to ask in return must be prepared in advance or asks for the feedback you have done in the interview or pick up on something that has been mentioned in passing by the interviewer about the job.


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