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Dear Students,

As promised in my last article we are here again with the article of " How to utilize the time in examination hall". First its very important is treat the exams days as a normal days because it helps in to retain the mind in right way.�You should not take any�additional pressure on that day�as it would not help you rather it would break your confidence and finally it will impact in your exams .

Pre-Exam Activates:��A week before the exams u should revise the syllabus (a separate plan for last week will be uploaded soon in case you don't have any plan) in such a way that all subject is covered equally and short notes of all the subjects have been prepared. Its important to make your short notes as it would help you on the day of examination in great way as always remember " Man can be destroyed but never�be defeated".

Always remember the words of Great Leader�" Swami Vivekananda"

How to Utilize 3 hours in best effective way:��Whenever�we see our results and if its negative we always say " ICAI ne number kam kar diye " But we never think the crux point of such result. If a student�who has scored very good marks in School time and in graduation and if such student get failed in CA exams he think that its not possible and blame entirely on ICAI where as for clearing CA exams requires two thing -

  • Knowledge�
  • Planning

There are many reasons for such failures but one of the most important reasons for such situation is "lack of planning" as maximum students don't make a proper plan which result in such failure.

Point 1:�While writing exams don't draw a underline apart from the heading of main paragraph as it creates a wrong impact and also its consumes your excess time.

Point 2: �A common mistake done by the student in the exams is the answering of questions in a sequence. As most of the students write the answer which they know first which is logically correct but in case such question has some parts they ignore it and solve other questions after that which is incorrect. You should answer your question in a sequence and if you don't know answer of other part of that question�then you should leave blank space for that so that if you able to solve it later.

Point 3:�While writing answer of law, audit, tax and accounts you should mentioned provisions of the act and u should write your answer in below mentioned format.

  • Provisions of the act�
  • Analysis of fact
  • Conclusion

Point 4:�Don't write unnecessary in any of the papers as it would not help you in gaining any extra marks but definitely it would decrease your marks because it consumes your time in which u can solve additional question. Never keep in your mind�to solve all questions where as you required to write the quality content in exams.

Point 5:�Generally we have 3 hours of time in the examination for writing the exams and 15 minutes for reading the question paper . This 15 minutes is very important and u should utilize it in very effective way.Try to read the question paper and marks the important words/line in the question for reference. Don't be hurry in writing the paper as 15 minutes should be consumed in reading the question paper. Now after completing the reading make up your mind first for the question u need to answer as which you are very much sure (Don't forget sequence point as u need to take care for that). Each marks has�1.7 min which means a 8 marks question has to solved within 13-14�minutes and for that correct planning is required . If u r solving a practical question and u stuck in between don't waste more than 3-4 minutes on that question as some time things does not goes right so move to next question at that time and try it again after some time.

Point 6:�Its very important to pick the right question at right time and to solve it on time. I understand solving a practical question in 13-14 minutes is not easy stuff but it can be done if you practice regularly the practice questions. Without practice its not possible to complete the question in the time line so utilize your study plan time with practicing practical question and understanding the concept of it .

All the best for your exams.


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