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With the pandemic opening doors to technological disruptions in the world of chartered accountancy, now is the time to act, whether you're a one-man practice or have a substantial staff. The Bajaj Finserv Business Loan for Chartered Accountants can assist you on your journey towards growth. Customised for CAs, this loan offers a suite of features, including easy eligibility terms, collateral-free finance, and 24-hour funding, which you canuse to make your business resilient and boost your profits in the long run.

To learn about how you can enhance your practice with the Bajaj Finserv CA Loan, read on.

Revamp your business model with ample collateral-free finance

With demand and supply affected at every level, it is a good idea to devise a comprehensive growth strategy, both in terms of the services you offer and the prices you charge. Businesses today are looking for ways to get more for less, but this does not have to translate into smaller revenues. By adopting technology, you can cut costs across your practice and by offering more services, you can land better contracts. To bolster your new plans, access funds up to Rs.25 lakh from Bajaj Finservwithout pledgingany security.

Seize market opportunities with funding in 24 hours

The Indian economy is bustling with young MSMEs and start-ups, all looking for modern ways to tackle things like GST registration and filing, GSTIN management, TDS, bank reconciliation, and E-way bill generation. Expanding your practice to offer such servicesthrough an easy online modecan help your firm leapfrog competitors. Moreover, with the Bajaj Finserv CA Loan you can adapt to changing needs fast as it offers funding within 24 hours. You can even apply online to avoid having to visit a branch and stand in a queue.

Purchase top-notch software tools with a flexible tenor

Automation is revolutionising the way CAs practice their trade and having the right tools is crucial to being efficient and staying ahead of competitors. For instance, if you have cloud-based tools for interacting with clients and equally-powerful tools for carrying out day-to-day operations, then you'll be well and truly on course to meeting the demands of a technologically-driven economy. While these softwareand security suites can amount to a hefty sum, with the flexible 12- to 72-month tenor facility, you can divide your expenses into manageable EMIs.

How to use the Bajaj Finserv Loan for CAs to boost your firms revenue

Remodel your office quickly without waiting for days on end for approvals

Currently, there are quite a few hurdles to resuming work as normal, especially when it comes to safety protocols. Certain offices may not even provide for the necessary distancing, even though returning to the office may be essential to collaboration. Depending on the particulars of your practice, you may require small- to large-scale renovations. Bajaj Finserv's CA Loan allows you to make these workspace changes quickly and easily.

The eligibility terms for the loan are simple: all you need is to possess a Certificate of Practice (COP) that is active for at least 4 years and own a house or office at a location where Bajaj Finance Limited operates.

Similarly, the documentation requirements are minimal: Documents such as a COP, the KYC of authorised signatories, bank statements, and passport size photographs suffice for making an application. You even benefit from doorstep services, should you desire someone to collect your documents from you.


Meet working capital needs by borrowing flexibly

With delayed payments as a consequence of the financial strain across the economy, your working capital may be depleted. You may also need to hire professionals to meet deadlines of current clients. While the CA Loan offers you liquidity, you can opt for an additional feature, the Flexi Loan facility, to manage your loan flexibly. This feature allows you to borrow as you go, as per your firm's requirements, and prepay when you receive funds at no extra cost. You can weigh the costs and features of the Flexi Loan against your firm's regular needs to borrow smartly.

Having considered these 5 ways of how you can boost your practice with the Bajaj Finserv CA Loan, check your pre-approved offer for a customised deal. Doing so expedites the entire approval process, giving you easier access to funds when you need them!



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