How to tackle CA IPCC Taxation?

Hello, IPCCians !! Be not afraid of anything, you will do marvellous work. Have belief in yourself. I will be sharing here how to face the subject and how to prepare for your exam.

First of all, I would like to say that tax is a high scoring subject and you can get above 60 with a well-prepared strategy. I have seen most of the students are much worried about the direct tax portion. For them, I would say that you have 50 marks in indirect tax which is much easier than direct tax and can be done easily without putting that much efforts as required in case of DT. Learn it first. Do all the chapters well and in details. Solve practice manual. You can get 50 out of 50 on it.

Coming to DT part. One thing must be remembered. DT is a subject which may be difficult to understand in depth, it may take time. But don't be afraid of that. Once you clear your concepts you can do mastery over it. This will be much beneficial as DT is an ocean in CA FINAL and clearing concepts over DT will definitely be huge advantageous to you for your CA final preparation. Don't go directly into PM without understanding the provisions.

And don't forget to revise the provisions of DT and IDT frequently as without knowing correct provisions you will not be able to write it in exam. Never ever quote wrong section or rule number in exam. Also while writing the answer give explanation what has been said in provisions, as examiner wants to know how much you know about the law.(quoting section not necessary, though you may quote important section s like 44AD,45,22,24,139,40A(3), 80C, 80TTA etc.

For DT and IDT, you may refer T.N Manoharan book and obviously with practice manual.

All the best guys !!

Apart from that I am a CA FINALIST and I got 70 marks in tax (IPCC) though I did IDT part well and completed it at first during exam time.

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Dwaipayan Paul 
on 21 March 2017
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