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Exams are near and still syllabus is not completed. What to do?

Many students think about it and spend lot of energy and time to find a solution of this. But if isn’t there any way to save time. Because sometime there are only small things which we ignore, yet they are very important in saving time. Some tricks which I got from some time management lectures and some are developed by me are here to share with all.

But I must tell you some of tricks are rude still very important for exam time. So let’s start with first thing

1. Start to take the first step

Starting of every work is difficult rather than finishing it. So first of all start to take first step of every decision.

Tricks on how to study more in less time

2. Think on paper

Writing things down minimizes confusion and stress. Write down your goals. Many times when we are studying we take three or four subjects at once. But what we found one subject in which we are best is taking much time because we got pleasure to do that and in which we should concentrate get less time. Make schedule of subjects more boring subject should get more time to study. You can categorize your to do list into A, B and C priorities.

3. Create a short-task list

This is for beginners of time schedule. I have seen many time management techniques which tell you to make time table. But in practical when you follow you will find big gaps in it sometime for one hour. Because in beginning it is difficult to control it so my personal view to note things that could be done in ten minutes or less. By practice it you can make big tasks list.

4. Create a 10-20 minute file

Most people have at least twice a day when an unexpected 20- minute gap comes up. When those gaps happen, knock out some of your to-do list.


5. See at your desk

Can you find all papers or books easily? Is there no waste paper, magazine, CD or filled rough pads? Ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that could happen if I throw this away?” Most of the time, you can live with your answer, so start filling that wastebasket!

6. A place for everything and everything in its place

It still works! Searching for your stapler, calculator, note pad or pen is a time-waster, creating stress and frustration. You would think where last time you left the thing. Proper way is put things where there you need them most.

7. When people arrive to interrupt, meet them at the door

Yes, you read right meet them at the door and talk outside your study room. It is exam time and you don’t want to waste your time in meetings. I know this is against social life culture but there is a great goal to achieve. After exam you can meet them properly and don’t forget to send them sweets after clearing exams.

8. Stand up!

When someone shows up unannounced, keep standing until you decide if you want the conversation to continue. Standing is not comfortable for most people and the length of most interruptions is in direct proportion to the comfort level of the interrupter.


9. Don’t try to solve other people’s problems

You may be empathetic to their situation, but if you spend your time solving their problems, Surprise! Their next problem will become yours, too! The best thing you can do is help others learn how to solve their own problems.

10. Give yourself a break!

You can accomplish 60-minutes’ worth of interrupted work in just 20 minutes of non-interrupted work. Is there a better investment of your time? Get your rest. If you’re tired, you’re usually slower, rework more and end up even more exhausted. Take care of yourself.

11. Always keep a pocket diary and pen with you

Sometime when there is a problem in study you got answer in spare time, when you are not studying. Note down that at once otherwise when you will see the problem the answer will be washed off from your mind.

12. Keep a record of who calls, how often and why?

If several calls could be consolidated into one, negotiate with the caller to limit the number of calls.

13. Want to attack procrastination?

Write down your goals twice a day. You’ll become more focused on getting the important things done.

So what are you waiting for start reading and manage time for more time for reading.

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