How to start study for CA final FR?

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Earlier for the CA Final old syllabus, financial reporting paper was quite sorted as there were few chapters like consolidation a sure shot question of 16 marks and limited AS. Well, we cannot comment on ICAI's difficulty level of question papers to judge FR to be so easy. But FR in new syllabus is a nightmare for most of the students and the vast syllabus is what fearing them, the content of 2500+ pages. Many students are unable to go through the syllabus once, thus to score an exemption becomes Mission Impossible in FR

How to start study for CA final FR

How to tackle it?

An appropriate strategy will help you to be in a win-win this subject: 


Concise Handwritten notes:


In your first reading start preparing your notes in a very concise manner, only note down the key points which are mandatory to write in exams, which will help you grab the attention of the examiner and as well as catch up the marks easily. This will help you to remember and retain the concept for a long time, also help you to revise very quickly in 1-2 hours a particular chapter. For very small IND AS like 8,10,40,41,36, this will be very much helpful and for other IND AS like 110,102,103 which is asked as sure shot questions in exams this will help you to remember adjustments as well. Keep the notes handy with you so that it can help you to retain it for a longer time with your cumulative revision or record your voice narrating the whole revision of the notes and hear it again and again.

Practice and Practise:

Well, for the theoretical content self notes is there for the rescue, but for the practical question solve as much as you can and don't go for other author's book unless and until you have finished with the study material thoroughly concerning preceding 3 attempts, questions are asked from there only and along with that try to solve past papers, mock papers and don't forget the RTP's. RTP's of FR paper will always loose out the confidence in you but don't worry exam paper is quite easy than what it appears in RTP's.

Don't just only try to solve the questions, but finish it from start to end. If it is a consolidation sum then practice the sum along with preparing the balance sheet in a proper format tallying the whole sum. Also, don't jump on the solutions easy as we do after reading the question, Solve it on your own and check for the mistakes and mark those to make your preparation much stronger.

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