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Yes...Yes...Yes... or else Oh no... These must not be the reaction of any CA Student after giving the paper whether paper is first one or last one.

The logic behind remaining neutral is effect on next paper!!!

If paper has gone better than we had thought, we become so happy that it gets affected for next paper's preparation. This is the personal experience and not only that students become so happy that they forget that preparation is pending or result is still pending. We always have a tendency of sharing the joy with our friends and that will surely divert our mind and that also towards wasting of time.

On the other hand if paper has gone tough than we thought, we lose our confidence, become frustrated, cannot concentrate further, cannot sleep properly, etc. Again, wasting of time as well as energy.

I like the proud Indian cricketer M.S.Dhoni and his strategy. Everyone knows that he is famous as Captain Cool. A lot can be learnt from his behavior about how to remain cool and calm after completing our task and whatever the situation may be. We may lose or we may win but that should not change our behavior and most important our next strategy. As life does not completed after one exam or one match.

In my earlier article, I had stated that nothing is gonna change our result. Not our happiness, not our frustration and not our prediction of marks even..!!! What gone has gone then why to think about that? Crush the paper. Do not discuss it with anyone.

Most important thing is our self-behavior and control for self. I know it is very easy to say and different to act. But self-control is necessary and specially from exam point of view.

It is not impossible to remain neutral. Not only for the examination but for the life also we must have that much ability to have a control on ourselves.

The neutral mind will help more to plan another thing, for taking decisions, etc. The more calm you can be, the more strength you will get. It has a scientific reason also, our mind gets positive vibes if we do not think about the past.

Life is a race and everyone wants to win it but winner is only one at the end of it. He might have something special and one quality for becoming winner is to have a soft/calm/cool/neutral behavior and control on self only. We cannot control others but we have to control our mind.

It should be applied in every situation whether we are winning or losing the battle. The situation controlled is half won.

A small request to everyone - Stay Cool and Stay Happy Always.


Published by

Snehal N. Tanna
(Chartered Accountant)
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