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We all love success, don’t we? And we do lots of things to get it. Today’s world is of competition. And in the race of getting success, sometimes we forget ourselves. Many become stressful, depressed and after getting small or big failure some people commit suicide. This is reality of today’s world. So how can prevent your selves from getting stuck in this stress full cycle? I have some basic tips.

Don’t spend 24 hours with work:

This is main reason for getting stressful for work or study. If you constantly start thinking about your work at office or home, there may be chances you lose control from your nervous system and become stressful. You have to give daily some break from work or study. Just work for 8 to 10 hours with concentration ( no chat or time pass on mobile please) and put other things on god. One day your hard work will give you reward.

1 hour for refreshing activity:

When I was student, I have used this trick. Anyhow fetch one hour from your tight schedule and do some refreshing activity. It may be watching TV, Listening music, playing some game outdoor or indoor, Reading some good book or story or spending good time with friends or parents (don’t start talking about your work with buddies or parents)

Meditation and Exercise:

Meditation is very useful trick to remove your stress. Just do it daily for 15 to 20 minutes. You can search on internet for right meditation technique. Do regular exercise as it is necessary for body. Daily Half hour walk will make you fit to fight with daily stress. Don’t make excuse that we are reading for exam.  We have no time or others like no time due to office. As fitness is the most important thing in our life and we should not forget that fact.

Don’t compare your achievements with others':

I know we are always advised that we should achieve 1st rank in each thing, but grow up. Now we are not school babies and life is not ranked by our marks. It is all about how we live it. How we make our daily life meaningful. If you have the habit of comparison, you will always find people who have got better than you. It is endless. So don’t waste your time on it and concentrate on yourself.

Guts to accept failure and stand again:

"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying." -Michael Jordon

We are amongst the intelligent people. Toppers of universities, rankers in college. We are winners and after choosing CA career, we meet one stranger named FAILURE. Some are not clearing exam or some have no clients. But it is not end.  If we read successful peoples’ stories, we come to know that they all had got failures in one or another things. But they became  successful because they did not stop. They tried and tried again. This does not mean that make record of failures in ICAI. But don’t loose hope for your 2 to 3 times failure. It is okay. If you have interest in the subjects. Try again with proper planning. Don’t hesitate to get advice of your seniors or teachers. Most important is your intention to pass. One day when you pass, people will forget all your failure. So don’t worry about those people what they are saying now.

Get company of positive people:

You must have some people in your life who loves and stands with you without taking care of your failure or success. They may be family or close friends. Success is not permanent so we should not forget that fact. Don’t ignore those dear ones. Because they are as imp as success.  Can you imagine  yourself celebrating success alone.? No we can’t. So always value them and enjoy their company when you have time. Don’t miss those time. After all it is also stress reducing technique. Be social and participate in social activities. Else you will be alone one day. Give some time for it also.

Positivity articles and success stories:

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. ~Herm Albright,

If we daily feed our mind positivity, stress will not touch us. Internet is very useful platform for reading articles on positivity. There are lots of blogs. I am regular reader of some blogs. I am providing links. Still you can read success stories of people. From it you can get inspiration for dealing with your situations. Thoughts have power. So we regularly clear negative thoughts and try to concentrate on good things of life.




List is long. Try google.


This is main important thing in life we are lacking in ourselves. We have no patience. Not at all. We want success instantly. It is not really possible. Each thing has time and we have to wait for that and carry on our hard work and trying. This lack of patience makes us stressful and weak persons. Make it clear in your mind that my work will take time and I will get reward one day. You should have faith on your self and your work. Without it , success is not  possible.

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” - Aristotle

Don’t value yourself  by success or failure:

If  I am successful, I am valuable else not. Don’t thing like that and don’t insult yourself. Please. Don’t make yourself slave of this narrow thought. We all want to achieve something but sometimes it is not possible to get it. Each person has his/her own quality.  Each one is unique. Don’t harm your self esteem for  this. Sometimes we have to courage to say “that’s OK”.

As Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day. ~Author Unknown

I hope you like this article. Some tips are philosophical but if you understand the meaning. It will help you. In last , I am saying you all the best for your success and requesting you to first try to become good human being and then put other goals in your list. GOOD LUCK AGAIN.

Thanks for reading,

CA Tarannum Khatri


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