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Often we see students studying 2-3 months, 1 month or even a couple of week before exams. This strategy builds a lot of pressure and the ultimate result is most probably with zero outcome. Now the problem is studying too early is also a tough job for the students because  in the back of their mind they feel its too early to prepare and one might not continue due to lack of exam environment, excitement, incomplete tuitions  or fear of discontinuance after sometime. Therefore exam preparation is the mother of all factors of an exam strategy. If one start studying earlier then 75% of job is done to pass.


SO lets find out some of the tips, how you can start early preparation.


1. DON'T KEEP  OPTIONS OPEN AT ALL : Never give youself option in lieu of studies otherwise you will never end up mugging your books. Its a human nature that we always  choose comfort over work. So if you plan to study early then go for it and make your mind that you have to do it irrespective of another  work. No internet surfing, no meeting with friends, no TV , nothing until you finish your work because for once if you say youself "I will study tomorrow or after few hours"  then its over and you will not be able to study. As we know "Tomorrow never comes" for the students starting to study . So dont give yourself a choice , you must do it and make it a habbit of studying first , no matter how tired you are or how lazy you feel or you have other works (unless it is very important).


2. PUT PRESSURE ON YOURSELF :   How is it possible that if our mother ask to do something, we feel so lazy or dont care at all but if our Boss at the office gives an order then we do it no matter even if we our the busiest person on the earth. Well the thing is simple, just because we dont find pressure in our mothers order we don't find the importance, instead we take it lightly and we relax. Same thing apply when you start preparing for your exams, most of the time you will feel relax because of thinking its an early preparation and you have lot of time in the hand  which ultimately  ends your day doing nothing. So you must learn to push yourself, put pressure on your mind even if you feeling sleepy or tired. After sometimes you will notice its not difficult at all to study because with continuous studying on time, your mind understood it properly and it will act accordingly  . Do it as if you do it in you exams. Learn to pressurize your mind or else you will never be able to do anything.


3. DONT SKIP YOUR WORK, ITS VERY IMPORTANT :  what matter most is not how many runs you have scored in the match but for how long you were able to stay at the pitch. Suppose you are on a diet and you want to loose you weight, after 15 days of of you patience you just skipped your diet and you had lot of oily or fried foods.. then what is the point of investing your time and labour for those 15 days ? You must not try to leave even a single day of your planned work otherwise your confident will loose and it will also  effect studies. Since you have planned to study early you might feel bored or tired but its  just a part of your strategy. So try not to stop in between  your journey , keep the burning desire to clear you exam always on. If you stop in between or you took rest for somedays thinking you have worked a lot then you will end up forgetting everything because continuance approach is required to master yourself or else you will forget everything what  you have done with gaps in your work.


4.MAKE A STUDY ENVIRONMENT : You may find your friends have not started studying so early but dont get inspired from them and start relaxing. Its you who wants to clear and make it sure that you passout with great marks, so build your own study environment.  Discuss about you syllabus with your friends, make notes and stick it on your wall so that you can see it everytime that exams are not far, if you are on net during free times then visit websites which are related to your exams, discuss with people online, CAclubIndia is a very good community for CA and other professional courses, you can visit here and gain many information.


 If you are doing coaching and its incomplete then keep on revising what you have been taught dont wait for the course to end or else you wont be able to start studying early. Just throw out other thing from you mind for the time being other than your studies. Learn to concentrate, in life we will face many situations where  inspite of manything going around us we have to chose our work first. So you have to do it , practise not to divert your mind on other personal or work issues . life is full of conflicts but you cannot give time to each of them.


5. TRY TO BE AMBITIOUS : Change your personality and try to be ambitious, just pursuing a high professional course is not good enough to enhance your image, you must accomplish you task as well. What ever time you are giving to your course is the best thing you are doing and there is no alternative thing  you can do  with your time. Before reaping fruit from a tree you must sow the seeds, give  time and wait for it grow, you should hope that it will give fruits and carry on watering your plant. It will definitely reap best fruits. So every good thing needs your time and if you want the excellence  then you better give most of your time.


As W. C. Doane said, "Life has no smooth road for any of us; and in the bracing atmosphere of a high aim the very roughness stimulates the climber to steadier steps, till the legend, over steep ways to the stars, fulfills itself.


So start studying early , its better that you regret not enjoying your life due to so much study rather regreting yourself for repeating you exams alltime.


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