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I will tell you how I have prepared for my CA PE-II (Now it is PCC) exams, you can follow if it suits you…

Total subjects – 6

Problematic    -  3 (Accounts, Costing, Taxation)

Theory             -  3 (Remaining)


Rank both the problematic and Theory subjects in your order of preference (I.e., Interesting subject has to be  ranked one, next was 2nd and the final one is 3rd)

So now you have problematic order – P1, P2 and P3

and                           Thoerotic order      -  T1,T2 and T3


From the above make three Batches-

Batches                 Subjects

      1)                       P1 & T3

      2)                       P2 & T2

      3)                       P3 & T1


First Revision :

As of now we are having 5 months time (Really you are available with plenty of time),

For the month of –

1)      June                -    Concentrate on Batch 1

2)      July                 -    Concentrate on Batch 2

3)      August           -    Concentrate on Batch 3


Each day try to allot 12 hours for your study and make that 12 hours into 3 blocks (1 hour break between block 1&2 and block 2&3), each block is having 4 hours…

In this 4 hours, always use first 2 hours for theory and remaining 2 hours for problematic subject.


In this three months (June, Jul &Aug) go in deep into the subject, you have to plan in such a way that nothing (Syllabus) will be left at the end of the first revision..


Second Revision :


Just follow the steps of first revision but the duration for each batch should be limited to 14 days


Third Revision :


By the end of the second revision you will be left with 18 days,

In the third revision you will have 3 days for each subject….

Now, here you have to follow the technique of LIFO-

First three days you have to study 6th exam subject, next 3 days for 5th exam subject ………………………………………………….. Last 3 days for 1st exam subject.


By this time you will be completing 3 revisions, more than enough for clearing CA PCC with confidence.

High level of accuracy and depth of preparation may help full for getting a rank, even.


In order to achieve a goal you must be fixed with a target, so aim for a rank or a good total say 60% (360 Marks) based on that you can plan your level of preparation…..

Manikantaraju ACA,CWA,(CS)

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Manikanta Raju CA,CWA,(CS)
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