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In the life of a CA or CS Aspirant campus placement is a very valuable juncture. Every CA or CS aspirant work really hard and wait for this stage. From some time I was thinking to share my experience regarding campus placement and other stuff regarding interviews with you all. Now the time has come and let me take this opportunity to share something regarding campus placement. Few years back some of my friends and seniors have shares few tips with me. Further over a period of time I got the opportunity to recruit so many people in my organisation which helped me to observe so many things related to campus placements and interviews. I think now it is time to share them with you all through the platform of CAclubindia. I really hope that these tips prove helpful at the time of your campus placement process.


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I’d like to share this through the pointers:


1. Prepare resume


Very first step should be to prepare resume. According to me your resume should be simple though impressive and point wise. But make sure you have knowledge of all things that you have mentioned in your resume or in other words all the relevant knowledge you posses should be properly mentioned in your resume.


Further it is advisable to use different resume for different interviews based on the company and the position for which they are seeking the candidates. Another important point is to update your resume regularly.


2. Be confident


Just imagine you are preparing yourself for an interview and there is no confidence? What does that mean? Everything is over, because next candidate is waiting with better confidence. You have to be confident while appearing for interview and while giving answers. So just cool, calm and collective during campus placements and interviews.


If the recruitments are on for a special task or projects than it is recommended to study that project carefully because they will question from them. Also remember one thing at the time of campus companies are least concerned if you are technical good or bad they just check your mental ability and confidence level.


The easiest way to improve confidence and practice is to get together with some of your friends for the practice of interview and have a confident practice session.



3. Workout on your Basics


As per my experience for campus placement or interview it is advisable to prepare your basics as strongly as possible as most of the questions connected with them only. The basic idea behind mentioning this point is to let you know that interviewer will check your basic knowledge. So just be sure and confident with your answers and your basics.


4. Workout on your appearance


Workout on your appearance is a very big question and create the situation of first impression is the last impression. So you have to be very careful while selecting your attire for interview. In an interview your attire plays a supporting role.


One of my very first interviewers told me that correct attire put you as a person who takes the recruitment seriously and understands the nature of the industry in which you are trying to become employed. Dressing nicely and appropriately is a compliment to the person you meet so don't dress casually.


5. Information about the company


It is a very common but important topic. Before going for interview or campus placement Find some information about the company because they will ask questions related to their company. It is very important to study the profile and business activity of the company from the company website or from any business portal/magazine.


6. Effective communication


Apart from this, good communication skills are also necessary for successful campus placement or interview. You need to have good reasoning skills and ability to think logically and analytically in your core areas. You should be bold to face the panel of interviewers. During interview answer should be given in the language they are asked.


Good English speaking is another area where stress needs to be given. For some English speaking tips check given link:




7. Be truthful during interview


Another important point to be kept in mind is to be truthful during campus placement and interview. This point is crucial for any sort of interview. You have to be truthful regarding your study time info or any previous job or article ship position. There are certain occasions when we do not have any choice but to 'present' the truth. Personally I feel there are situations when we are expected to say the whole truth and nothing but the truth and this is one of those situations.


8. Rehearse your interview


It may be very handy and useful if you rehearse your interview well in advance. This will improve your confidence and helps your interaction go smoothly. You may practice the points you plan to deliver before the interviewer like your strength and other personal stuff. The best thing to do is prepare yourself and take some time to practice so you feel comfortable. Always remember your resume is good enough to get you the desired position, but now all you have to do is to impress the interviewer further.


9. Avoid over confidence


Over confidence can be really harmful for your campus placement or interview for any other position. So it is better to avoid over confidence. For this it is very important that you must know your strength and weaknesses very well.


Few notable points here are:


1.      Practice with someone or in front of a mirror. Practice can help you avoid any over confidence such as winking or excessive head nodding.


2.      Slow down your conversation, and don't talk too much. Don't talk over the interviewer or jump to conclusions to try to finish the person's statement before he gets it out.


3.      Avoid making promises or huge statements /commitments in the interview, such as "If I got this job I will do this or I will do that.”


4.     Avoid insulting any other official/employee who was previously doing the job. Avoid use of statements like "I can't believe you didn't fire that guy." 


10. Tricky questions from interviewer


You may have to face few tricky questions from the interviewer Few common and frequently asked questions are tell me about yourself. This is going to reflect you to the interviewer so you have to prepare properly. You may also find some trap questions too. The other questions can be strengths and weaknesses, your hobby, how much is your salary expectation, how do you see yourself in 5 years from now and so on. So prepare the answer of these questions well in advance.


Seriously after all this we can say preparing for campus placement is not an easy task. I think it is an art, LOL. But on a serious note you have to prepare well for any interview for your own confidence as getting job or opportunity is a different thing and giving your 100% with technique is a different thing which is very important for your confidence.


Now you are requested to please share your views.




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