"ISCA" the name that often gives CA Final students shiver down their spines. It was my nightmare for sure. I flunked my CA final mainly because of this subject. Those 32, 38, 35 marks in ISCA spoiled my result even though I managed to get exemption in Cost and pass other subjects comfortably.

The main problem with this subject is that it is different from other subjects we read. There is not a word of finance in it. Some may feel it's an unnecessary subject or a burden thrown by ICAI. But the fact is, you have to study it in order to pass the exam and now the question arises how?

Few days back, I wrote an article about Medicine approach i.e. sparing few minutes everyday for ISCA.

Now which book to refer for ISCA?

There is no better book than Institute study material for it, but sometimes you can't figure out which points to focus on more. I will recommend M. Valecha book along with it. Just revise important points from this book after giving a reading from institute material.

Ok, this should be the process:

First, read the chapter from institute material. Read it thoroughly. Then open the Valecha book, try to read points from it before giving a second reading to the institute material. Every chapter requires 4 readings with full concentration; 2 readings from institute material and 2 from Valecha.

The main thing in ISCA is to understand and memorize the crucial points which will give you an extra edge during exam.

Try to write those points after closing the book. Challenge your retention power and increase it. Spare an hour or so every day for this subject. I know it may sound boring but bitter pills have to be taken to cure an ailment. And trust me once you follow the above-mentioned approach, you will start to enjoy reading it.

No one became a master without failing or trying. You need to get the grip of this subject. You have to learn those points in order to overcome CA Final.

There is nothing easy in this world. You got to make an effort, you got to give your 100% in order to reach your goal. Practice as much as you can. Every hour your spare for your goal will get you closer to it. 

All the best!

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