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Dear Students,

We are again here with a new article on how to overcome in case you get fail in CA Exams. As success and failure is two part of coin and everybody has to go from this phase but we can overcome from this very easily .

Today we will give you n number of examples who failed in CA exams but fought back very strongly in next attempt and secures a RANK in CA Exam.

As soon as result get declared some students gets happy with the result ,some students get sad from the result and most important some student get shocked from the result and there after they went in a different zone and get shattered. We have to understand that why such reaction takes place and what is the solution for it.

We never think on actual point rather than we blame on checkers/institute for giving wrong marking irrespective of thinking that from the same institute some students get rank also.

You have to understand that never such competitive exams will have 100% result and u have to work hard in such way that if institute result is 5% then you should in that 5% and for that its important to make a proper strategy.We should always plan our work first and then we should work on that plan.

In CA Success is not a simple line it actually has so many interlinked line as shown in image.

One of the student mail us "Dear Sir, This time again I get failed, I don't know what to do  as it seems that CA is not my cup of tea or else I am a looser" Now just think the condition of the person who wrote this mail. All this happen because we never try to forget that failure and never tried to focus on future prospects. As the think which is gone will be back and we have to think in a positive direction. You should forget what happened in past as it will only waste your time, I agree when we see the result as fail it hurts us but just ask from yourself "Is it u can do anything " the answer will be "NO" as the result is decided and it will not changed (Subject to verification of marks if applied by students)

Example of Failure Students: Recently in May 2015 Shailee Chaudary has scored AIR 1 but do you know it was not her first attempt. She applied first in November 2014 and get failed but she never loose her hope and strongly come back and scored AIR 1 in May 15 . There are so many example where students who failed in earlier exams fought back strongly and scored well in next exams . 

How to overcome from it and get success in upcoming exams:  Here are some of the tips you should follow to overcome from failures .

  • Make yourself in a positive scenario as it will help you in retaining the concepts 

  • PLEASE forget the old result and don't waste time on it 

  • Avoid using negative word as "I am Failure" , "I cant do CA" etc.

  • Always think " I will " and never make it "Will I"

  • Make your plan and work on the plan 

  • Clear your doubts either from your seniors/teachers or else form the forum 

  • Commit yourself towards studies and make a promise from yourself that u will do it .

  • Don't take tension and always think that " I am CA"

  • Keep practicing questions by solving it individually (Don't just audit)

  • Make short notes of theory subject as it will help u at last time 

  • Never discuss paper with anyone after completion of exams 

  • Always focus for the next paper (Past will not returned but it will surely waste your time)

  • Allocate justified  time to theory and practical subjects as one subject will not help you

Note: In next article we will discuss about how to utilize time while writing exams (i.e. How to use 3 hours of time while writing exams)


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